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Where can I get my flu shot in Berkeley, CA?

Most patients that need a flu shot will have to visit a walk-in clinic or urgent care center in order to get their vaccines in a timely manner. Without an updated flu shot, patients are likely to experience a variety of debilitating symptoms including coughing, sneezing, fever, and head to name a few. The good news though is that flu shots are widely available for patients at nearby urgent care in Berkeley, CA, specifically our Instant Urgent Care Berkeley location.

Just like any other walk-in clinic, patients can get their flu shots completed on the same day as their visit without the need for an appointment. Put simply, patients with busier than normal schedules can get the care they need at Instant Urgent Care Berkeley for a variety of urgent care needs, including flu vaccinations.

If you’re a patient that works, lives, or commutes in Berkeley, CA, here is how to you can get same day flu shots!

Why do I need my flu shot this season?

The importance of flu shots includes ensuring that you and your families don’t get sick this flu season as more and more cases of the virus spread across communities.

Last year, flu-related illnesses infected upwards of 40 million patients in what was a historic flu season. Even though each flu season can be more or less virulent, recent trends suggest that flu activity has been growing incrementally each year. Since 2016, the flu virus has impacted several million patients.

A flu shot is also by far the most effective way to prevent the flu virus. Without an updated flu shot your body will not have the immunity to fight of a flu virus that can keep you bedridden for days. The flu causes students, employees, and other individuals to miss several days and weeks of work and school. However, getting a flu shot is a sure way to protect yourself against the virus, even as it peaks from October to January of the following year!

If you’re in Downtown Berkeley, visit our urgent care center in a few minutes!

Patients that work or commute to Downtown Berkeley can get their flu shots in a short 8 minute drive or a 16 minute bus ride! Drivers Simply take bus route 6, 81, or 51B and get off at the Webster/Telegraph Ave. stop. From there, Instant Urgent Care is just a short 10-15 visit to get your flu shot this season.

If you any questions about flu shots, flu vaccinations, and other types of preventive care needs, please contact Instant Urgent Care for any updates!