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What Drivers in San Ramon Should Do to Prepare for DOT Physicals

DOT Physicals are necessary in order for commercial drivers to get the commercial driver’s license (CDL) renewed. Without a visit to a certified medical examiner, commercial drivers may experience significant delays in their DOT physicals and their trucking career. Thankfully, preparing for a DOT physical is a straightforward process where patients can ensure the examiners …

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The (Additional) Health Benefits of Primary Care

Most people think of their annual physical when the term “primary care” comes up. While it’s true that primary care providers perform annual physicals for their patients, it is important to know that these providers provide other additional healthcare services. Primary care physicians can provide additional health and wellness screenings, preventive exams, and administer seasonal …

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Avoid the Flu

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the flu has been widespread throughout the nation, raising concern for many healthcare professionals and experts. While the flu is treatable and usually non-lethal, people in high-risk groups are more exposed to the flu with complications and potential health threats. To better prevent catching the flu, please take …

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When to Visit Your Doctor

You may want to dive in head first into your new exercise regime, but sometimes it’s best to consult your doctor before you start this new lifestyle. Regular exercise can help you control your weight, strengthen bones and muscles, and reduce your risk for chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and more.   …

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UTIs: Symptoms and Treatment

It’s not uncommon to hear about urinary tract infections (UTIs), especially in women. About one in five women will have at least one UTI, while some have the infection chronically, and make frequent doctor’s office visits. There are multiple variations of a UTI, depending on which part of the urinary tract is affected, including the kidneys, …

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