Worker’s Compensation

At Instant Urgent Care, we provide worker’s compensation as a part of our larger occupational medicine services for businesses of all sizes! Workers need a reliable medical provider in order to help facilitate a return-to-work program. The good news is that Instant Urgent Care has a layered and comprehensive treatment program that allows employees to get the care they need ASAP! 

Employees may experience a sudden injury that hinders their ability to perform day-to-day tasks, which means a worker’s compensation program is necessary for your business. A worker’s comp program from Instant Urgent Care can help your patients get treatment and recovery services that help get them ready to work again! 

To learn more about our services, keep reading below. Or fill out a contact form on the right to speak with our team about setting up a worker’s compensation health program! 

Work Injury Treatment

Employees may experience a sudden injury that keeps them from performing their daily tasks. Thankfully, Instant Urgent Care clinics provide injury treatment that help patients fully recover from their injuries in a faster, more efficient way. 

Our urgent care centers offer treatment to a wide variety of non-life threatening injuries including cuts, scrapes, sprains, broken bones, and lacerations! 

Worker’s Physicals and Employee Drug Testing 

Our worker’s compensation programs also provide a variety of routine physical exams and employee drug tests to ensure your worker’s can confidently return to their regularly scheduled job. 

Instant Urgent Care provides worker’s physicals during multiple periods of a worker’s transition back to work including a Job Offer Physical, Respirator Clearance Physical, DOT Physical, and even a custom-tailored physical for your industry’s needs. 

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Accepted 

Instant Urgent Care clinics accept California Workers Compensation Insurance plans, which helps make your  business’s workers’ comp program as affordable as possible. Worker’s compensation claims, injury treatment, physicals, and related services are all covered by state insurance programs. 

Job-related Illness and Injury Recovery 

Employees that may feel ready to continue light work may need continuous treatment to get back to full-speed at their job. Instant Urgent Care helps facilitate job-related illness and injury recovery to help transition workers back into their job. 

Workers can get treatment for their initial injury or illness, but a steady recovery program helps to make the transition back to work a much easier process. Our provider teams of nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants coordinate employee treatment that fits your schedule! 

Return-to-Work Physical 

Patients that need to complete a return to work physical can do so through our worker’s comp programs, on top of preventive care and recovery programs for workers.

Our teams can evaluate if your employees’ current health conditions are stable enough for work with a comprehensive health overview. Just a like a routine physical, a return to work physical measures your employee’s height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure,vision, and other important health measures. Return-to-work physicals ensure that your employees are capable of completing their responsibilities without any detriment to their overall health!

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