COVID-19 Testing for Employers

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Available for employers and return-to-work employees.

Same-Day COVID-19 Test Results

COVID-19 Rapid Testing at Instant Urgent Care allows our provider team to perform a nasal swab test with highly accurate and extremely fast results for an active COVID infection. Patients can expect to get their test results back on the same day as their visit. A rapid test is accurate, fast, and covered by most major insurance carriers. 

Accessible Testing Across California

Instant Urgent Care is addressing the COVID-19 crisis head on and ensuring that our communities have access to high-quality testing services. All Instant Urgent Care clinics and COVID-19 testing facilities serve major Bay Area cities, Santa Clara communities, and San Jose residents. 

Employer COVID-19 Testing Services & Remote Care

Employer COVID-19 Testing Overview:

Employer COVID-19 Rapid Testing

The quickest test for determining whether the novel coronavirus is present is the Rapid COVID-19 test (COVID-19). Similar to a routine diagnostic test, rapid COVID testing uses a swab. The presence or absence of a viral infection is then determined by laboratory analysis of a swab.

Rapid tests are highly accurate and can return patient results the same day as the test. Employers can arrange for quick COVID-19 testing at any Instant Urgent Care facility to help employees return to work as soon as possible.

Abbott Molecular Testing: The Industry Standard for Fast and Safe Employee COVID-19 Rapid Testing

Instant Urgent Care centers are now equipped with Abbott’s ID NOW Rapid Molecular test to provide the fastest and most reliable rapid testing results for patients. Abbott’s Molecular test has testing rates as accurate as 95% for patients and is the most widely researched testing method available. 

Employers can know with confidence that their employee’s tests are accurate, timely, and safe at any of our urgent care locations. Provider teams at Instant Urgent Care perform local COVID-19 testing for employees using CDC-protocols for safety and state-of-the-art lab equipment for timely results. 

Expert Urgent Care Professionals in Employer Health Services and COVID-19 Testing

Instant Urgent Care providers in Santa Clara, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Dublin, San Ramon, Fairfield, CA and other major California metropolitan are staffed with urgent care providers that put your immediate healthcare needs first and foremost. 

Our provider team continues to work bravely to provide efficient employer health services such as DOT physicals, urgent care treatment for injuries, COVID-19 testing, and return-to-work health programs. 

If you need to get your employees to an expert medical provider for safe and secure COVID-19 testing then please contact our team today! 

COVID-19 Testing Service Areas

FAQs About Rapid COVID Testing at Instant Urgent Care: ​

Rapid COVID Testing FAQs

Yes, we are currently offering COVID-19 testing for both antibody testing and rapid testing.
COVID-19 rapid testing detects an active infection of the virus. When patients come in the get either a positive or negative test result. The result determines if the virus is active in your body or if there is no detection of it at all. COVID-19 antibody testing detects the presence of antibodies from a previous COVID infection that determines if a patient has immunity to a virus. Many patients do not need an antibody test right away and would benefit from a rapid test.

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