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WELCOME KAISER PATIENTS! We now accepts Kaiser insurance for Covid testing and treatment services

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Primary Care Services

We offer a full range of primary care for all ages. Book your primary care visit today.

In Clinic Appointment

Instant Urgent Care offers in clinic appointment for patients and we are able to treat injuries or illnesses requiring immediate care.

COVID-19 Testing

Instant Urgent Care offers COVID-19 appointments for patients. All testing is done via walk-in only, and based on a first come, first served basis.

Book Virtual Visit

With telemedicine, you can receive your urgent care visit in the comfort of your home.


Online telemedicine prescriptions that can be emailed to patients or printed on your clinic letterhead.

Urgent Care Services

We can help with your urgent health care needs. With same-day and walk-in appointments, we’re here when you need us.

Virtual Visit & Telemedicine Quick Booking

Instant Urgent Care in Berkeley is available online and ready to help with a variety of primary care, urgent care, and pediatric healthcare needs and conditions.
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Why choose us for Urgent Care in Berkeley?

Instant Urgent Care is conveniently located in Berkeley! Our local walk-in clinic is easily accessible to all the nearby cities.

On site parking available is always available for our patients. We’re in close proximity to UC Berkeley for college students that need immediate urgent care services. Additionally, most patients can access Instant Urgent Care Berkeley fairly easily via BART.

Services we provide include pediatric care, physicals, injury treatment and much more!

COVID-19 Testing in Berkeley

The provider team at Instant Urgent Care Berkeley now provides COVID-19 appointments for patients who have undergone telemedicine pre-screening. In order to give you test results, our providers can then carry out COVID-19 testing in accordance with CDC and State regulations. Our current procedures are designed to prevent the virus from spreading as much as possible while testing patients who may be at risk.

Following a telemedicine visit, patients in Berkeley and the surrounding areas can get tested for COVID-19.

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Medical Services Overview at Instant Urgent Care Berkeley

Medical services at Instant Urgent Care range from sudden injury and illness treatment to full-service primary care. We stand out from other walk-in clinics and urgent care centers by offering a single healthcare facility that provides immediate treatment for your most pressing healthcare needs.

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