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What Should I Know About Flu Shot Season?

Flu season is upon us as the seasons change and the influenza virus is more likely to spread from patient to patient. Even though the flu seems like it spreads everywhere, the disease is highly preventable and can be easily controlled if patients take a little bit of time to act accordingly.

The most efficient way to prevent against the flu is with updated flu shots that are manufactured every year to protect against the latest strain of the flu virus. However, it is important to understand that the flu season can vary in terms of virality, infection rate, and length from year to year.

So what should patients understand about flu season? What are some proactive measures that patients can use to protect themselves against the flu?

Flu season can last for several months: from early fall to the beginning of spring

Did you know that flu season can start as early as September and last into the beginning of spring the following year. Recently, the 2018-2019 flu season had an exceptionally lengthy spread and concluded in April of 2019. The last three or so flu seasons had much longer lengths than a standard flu season.

Because of the inconsistent nature of flu season, it is best if patients get their most recent flu shot as soon as possible, in order to avoid a sudden flu-related illness.

Flu shots are the most effective way to prevent the virus

Even though may patients may delay in getting their flu shot, they should remember that the flu shot is by far the most effective method to protect against flu-related illnesses during flu season.

A new vaccine is specifically manufactured each year in order to make sure that patients get the best possible immunization against the newest flu virus. There are multiple types of flu shots that help protect patients against the flu each season. For example, some patients may need either a nasal flu shot or the traditional vaccine, depending upon their needs.

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Flu season is fast approaching, so make sure you are ready to outlast a potentially lengthy flu season!