Employer Health Services

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Employer Health Services

Occupational Medicine / Employer Health Services

Employer Health Services

Healthcare providers that can assist in meeting the unique needs of their employees are needed by businesses of all sizes. Because of this, we at Instant Urgent Care are pleased to offer employer health services as part of our occupational medicine programs at all of our locations.

Businesses with 20 or 200 employees must make sure that each employee is fit enough to do their job in a safe and efficient manner while also safeguarding their general health. Your employees can maintain their health with the help of preventive care and urgent care services thanks to employer health programs like those provided by Instant Urgent Care.

Please continue reading if you have any additional queries about employer health services or other occupational health requirements. Fill out the form below to give your employees a healthier, more productive workplace if you’re ready to speak with our team about employer health services

Employer Health Services for sudden urgent care needs

Injuries are likely to happen on the job, which is why employer health services at Instant Urgent Care provide immediate urgent care services for your employees. 

Our team of physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants provide same-day injury and illness treatment for urgent needs. Cuts, lacerations, bruises, sprains, and work-related illnesses are all treatable through employer health programs. Unless your patient has a life-threatening emergency, our teams at Instant Urgent Care can address any other immediate condition. 

We’ll also help to evaluate and coordinate future treatment options to help your employees return to work as quickly as possible provider.


Employer Health Services

Physical Exams for Employees

At Instant Urgent Care, we also provide physical exams to ensure that your new employees are ready to start work and that your current ones can safely continue their jobs. We can also customize a specific physical exam if your industry has specialized medical requirements.  A few of the physical exams that we provide employees include: 

  • Job Offer Physical Exam 
  • DOT Physical Exam for Commercial Drivers  

Drug Testing Services

Employers and employees deserve a safe, responsible, and respectful place to conduct their work. That is why Instant Urgent Care also provides comprehensive drug testing services for businesses. Our drug tests include: 

  • Standard 5 Panel Drug Test
  • Standard 10 Panel Drug Test
  • Rapid 5 or 10 Panel Drug Test
  • Hair Drug Test
  • Urine Drug Test
  • Breath Alcohol Test

High-Quality Primary Care services for employees

Instant Urgent Care is also happy to provide primary care for employees to help address, and improve their long-term health. 

If your employees need a checkup, vaccines, physical exams, or have other questions about their health, then they should consult our primary care provider teams! Just like a traditional PCP’s office, our teams help facilitate a patient-provider relationship that helps to create a trustworthy and high-quality healthcare experience. 

Instant Urgent Care offers employer health services at multiple locations, so use the list and map below to find the location nearest to you!