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Men’s Health

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Instant Urgent Care Promotes Proactive Men's Health Practices

Compared to women, men often pay less attention to their health. On average, men are more likely to:

> Consume alcohol and tobacco products
> Neglect visiting doctors for regular checkups
> Make more frequent, risky decisions

Men could be affected by diseases that appear on anyone such as cancer, stroke, diabetes etc. Many of these major health risks could be prevented with a better lifestyle: exercise, healthy diet, moderate or zero consumption of alcohol and tobacco products. Frequent health checkups and lab tests can also discover diseases early, thus making it easier to treat.

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At Instant Urgent Care, we offer personalized men’s health services to meet your needs. We perform a variety of tests and screenings for men, including:

> Cancer screening
> Wellness exams
> High blood pressure screening
> Diabetes Screenings
> Urine Test
> Cholesterol screening
> And many more


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Frequently Asked Questions

Find your answers to the questions and helpful information about our services. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to call us.

1. What does men's health cover in Instant Urgent Care?

Men’s health services at Instant Urgent Care typically include a range of medical assessments, treatments, and advice tailored to men’s specific health needs. This includes physical exams, screenings for conditions like prostate cancer and heart disease, and addressing common men’s health concerns.

2. How can men stay healthy and fit?

Men can maintain their health and fitness by adopting a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical activity, managing stress, getting enough sleep, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, and staying up-to-date with regular check-ups and screenings.

3. What are common health issues in men?

Common health issues in men may include heart disease, prostate problems, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, high blood pressure, and mental health concerns such as depression. Regular check-ups and a healthy lifestyle can help prevent or manage these issues.

4. How often should men see a doctor?

Men should have a routine check-up with their primary care physician at least once a year. However, the frequency of doctor visits can vary depending on age, existing health conditions, and risk factors. It’s essential to discuss this with your healthcare provider.

5. What is a male health supplement?

A male health supplement is a dietary supplement designed to support specific health needs and concerns of men. These supplements may contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other ingredients targeted at enhancing aspects of men’s health, such as prostate health, energy, or sexual performance. It’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional before using such supplements.