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Flu shot benefits for patients throughout the year

Each year, the influenza virus impacts millions of patients and is attributed to nearly 40 million flu-related illnesses. When the flu spreads from early October to winter/spring of next year, it can infect multiple patients rapidly across multiple communities. This means that the flu shot is the best way to prevent the flu by far for most patients.

The good news for patients is that flu shots are available for all patients throughout the year at Instant Urgent Care locations across Santa Clara county! When these flu shots are ready to distribute, all you have to do is simply visit our local walk-in clinics for an immediate vaccination!

But an early flu shot has a variety of benefits that help patients maintain peak immunity throughout the year. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common and useful benefits of flu shots for patients each year!

The flu vaccine helps protect you and your family throughout the year!

The earlier a patient and their family members get a flu shot, the more likely they will remain protected and vaccinated throughout the year. When a flu vaccine is administered early, it can help your body create immunity to the latest flu virus before it quickly spreads in your local community.

Instead of waiting until the peak of flu season, simply visit an urgent care center to get your flu shot a few weeks early. This way, your body can create the immunity it needs in an ample amount of time. The flu vaccine takes approximately two weeks to completely take effect on one’s immune system. So by getting your vaccines early, the whole family stays protected during flu season!

Early flu shots help to ensure that patients don’t have to wait for vaccines!

Sometimes, getting a flu shot right at the peak of flu season can mean that it takes a little bit longer to get your vaccination. The wait times can get quite long at traditional medical facilities as more and more patients rush all at once to get their flu shot. Even walk-in clinics may expect longer than normal wait times in order to treat/vaccinate patients.

By getting a flu shot early, you can skip the wait and recieve any vaccination you need well before the lines start to get longer at your local facility!

Flu shots are available at our San Ramon walk-in clinic!

Instant Urgent Care also provides a walk-in clinic in San Ramon that offers flu shots! Now patients have an easily accessible means for ensuring that they are getting the care they need right in their neighborhood.

If you have any questions about our services at Instant Urgent Care, please contact us immediately or simply walk-in to get your flu shot today!