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5138 Monterey Highway, Suite G
San Jose, CA 95111

Phone and Contact Info:

Phone: 408-687-4806
Fax: 408-687-4817

Hours: Urgent Care and COVID Testing

Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: 9am-5pm


COVID-19 testing and swab test at Instant Urgent Care

COVID-19 Testing in San Jose, CA

Instant Urgent Care San Jose’s provider team now offers COVID-19 appointments for patients that are pre-screened through telemedicine. Our providers can then administer COVID-19 testing through CDC and State guidelines to provide you with testing results. Our current policies are to ensure that we minimize the spread of the virus while effectively, and accurately, testing at-risk patients. 

Patients in San Jose and the surrounding communities can get tested for COVID-19 following a telemedicine visit.

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Urgent Care in San Jose at Instant Urgent Care!

Instant Urgent Care in San Jose provides the highest-quality and most efficient urgent care service in the bay area, Silicon Valley, and other local San Jose communities. Each urgent care center, and respective walk-in clinic, is focused on creating the most ideal patient experience for individuals, families, and anyone else that needs reliable medical care.

Our eight Instant Urgent Care centers are easily accessible to all major Silicon Valley cities, including Palo Alto, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Menlo Park, and Redwood City. 

If you need care ASAP, please learn more about our medical specialties and how we can help you with any healthcare needs!

Does Instant Urgent Care provide any primary care services?

As a matter of fact, Instant Urgent Care San Jose provides both primary care services as well as urgent care services! 

Patients can receive preventive exams, updated physicals, lab tests, blood work, and x-rays when they visit our facility. There is no need to wait for your PCP or an emergency room if you visit Instant Urgent Care for your non-emergency care needs. 

Instant Urgent Care in San Jose is here to provide fast, affordable, and convenient urgent care and primary care services for all members of the family. From infants to seniors, Instant Urgent Care is here to address your family’s urgent medical needs!

Call, visit, or schedule an appointment today: We’re always ready to help.

Learn more about Instant Urgent Care:

Primary Care in San Jose, CA 


Primary care services in San Jose are easily accessible for all patients through Instant Urgent Care! Patients that need to get routine checkups, vaccinations, weight management, or other wellness appointments can simply visit our primary care team! 

A strong provider-patient relationship allows a patient to place their trust into a provider to guide through sensitive and pressing healthcare matters. Primary care providers are specially trained in customer service, beside manner, and clinical expertise to make it feel like a trusted friend is guiding your healthcare needs. 

Urgent Care in San Jose, CA 


Urgent care services including STD testing, lab testing, injury treatment, and seasonal care are all available at our San Jose walk-in clinic and urgent care center! 

At Instant Urgent Care, patients can visit us at 5138 Monterey Highway, Suite G to our walk-in clinic for a variety of immediate care needs. Every patient gets fast, high-quality, and comprehensive medical services anytime they require urgent care. 

Flu Shots in San Jose, CA 


Patients that need seasonal flu shots are lucky to know that Instant Urgent Care in San Jose offers flu shots for patients at our walk-in clinic! A new flu shot is needed each year so patients can build immunity to the latest flu virus. When you get a chance, make sure to visit us for a flu shot. 

The convenience of Instant Urgent Care’s walk-in clinic allows patients to get their flu shot without the need for an appointment in advance. Simply schedule your visit on the day you need to come in for the vaccine! 

STD Testing in San Jose, CA 


Patients that need immediate STD testing can do so by visiting Instant Urgent Care for same-day STD testing. Patients deserve a private, respectful, and accessible clinic facility to get their STD tests, which is why Instant Urgent Care is proud to provide this setting for any sexually active patient. 

STDs vary based on their viral and healthcare importance as well. STDs to be mindful of includes HIV/AIDs, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, Hepatitis (A and B), Herpes, Human Papillomavirus HPV),  and many others. 

The reason for the current spike in STDs across the US includes lower public awareness, preventive behaviors, and testing/screening rates among sexually active adults. 

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