woman sick with tissues during flu season

Signs and Symptoms of the Flu to Watch For: 2019-2020 Flu Season

The flu season is starting to come into full swing as the weather changes and the virus begins to spread more rapidly in local communities. As more and more people stay close together indoors during gatherings, work, and school the flu has a greater chance of spreading from person to person.

Patients must understand that the best way protect against the flu virus is with an updated flu vaccine known as a “flu shot.” Patients without a flu shot have a much higher chance of getting sick than patients that are properly vaccinated. If you can diagnose the flu early, then it can help with flu treatment and ensuring that you have the fastest possible recovery from any flu-related diseases. But what are some of the major signs and symptoms that you have the flu?

Fever is the first sign that you probably have the flu

A higher-than-normal fever after a few days usually means you’re coming down with a case of the flu. Usually, a fever is the very first sign that you are infected with the flu virus.

Unlike other diseases, the flu usually leads to early onset symptoms after just a day or two, sometimes up to three. In those first two days, a fever is the best indicator of the flu. Record the severity of a strong headache or a potential fever for a day or two and then see a nearby medical provider, like an urgent care center, to coordinate treatment.

Common flu symptoms include sneezing & coughing, among others

When the flu has fully spread throughout your body, then you’ll begin to notice some traditional symptoms of the flu such as sneezing, coughing, congestions, sore throat, and general respiratory irritation.

During this time, breathing becomes harder and your body is fatigued as it fights of the influenza virus. Usually, patients will need extended rest or days off in order for their body to completely fight off the flu virus.

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