3 Important Things to check When choosing a family doctor

3 Important Things to Check When Choosing a Family Doctor

“Health is wealth”

Your physician is a partner in your health. Selecting that “nearest medical clinic to me“is more crucial than selecting a banker or hairstylist. Your health is more important than your appearance or even your financial status. You can’t take pleasure in having a full bank account if you’re not healthy.

So, how do you pick a doctor you can rely on and who will work with you to achieve the best possible level of health? First, confirm that the doctor you select is one that your insurance will cover. Examine your policy in advance. Many also provide a list of accepted doctors, which is a good place to start. Make a list of vetted doctors to take into consideration.

Is the Doctor Board Certified?

Whether you choose a family practitioner, an internal medicine physician, or a gynecologist, any doctor you choose should be board certified in their field. A doctor who has earned board certification has completed a residency program and successfully completed board examinations. Additionally, if you have board certification, you must periodically recertify and demonstrate a certain level of knowledge. This forces doctors to stay current and avoid becoming complacent. You don’t want a doctor who is careless about managing your health.

Dr. Ramandeep Kaur is a compassionate and committed family doctor. She graduated from Ross University School of Medicine with a medical degree. The American Board of Family Medicine has granted Dr. Kaur board certification. In order to improve her patients’ health and wellbeing, she is dedicated to forming relationships with them. Dr. Kaur is able to offer her patients compassionate and superior medical care by paying close attention to what they have to say and making an effort to comprehend their unique needs and concerns. With patients from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, Dr. Kaur can communicate. She speaks Punjabi, Hindu, Urdu, Spanish, and English perfectly.

Has the doctor received positive online reviews?

Finding a good doctor by word of mouth is one option, but you can also read online reviews to determine whether or not a doctor is a good fit for you. Without having to rely on word-of-mouth, online reviews will give you a better idea of a particular doctor’s strengths and weaknesses. Patients give ratings to doctors based on their interactions, and some provide longer reviews. Read reviews of different doctors’ practices on different websites.

Avoid accepting every review at face value. For instance, a person might accuse a doctor of negligence, but do they possess the medical expertise to do so? But these websites are useful for learning more about the character traits and working methods of healthcare professionals. It can assist you in eliminating doctors with whom you might disagree.

How Effective Is the Medical Examiner?

Make an appointment for an initial visit before choosing a doctor so you can learn more about their approach and demeanor. Make an appointment for a routine physical as a new patient so you can speak with the doctor and determine whether you click. The best doctors communicate with you in simple terms that you can understand, and more importantly, they actually speak with you and are willing to address your concerns. You don’t want a doctor who dismisses you if you have a serious health issue. The availability of telemedicine consultations by a healthcare provider is an additional factor. If for some reason you are unable to make it to the office, that is helpful.

Does the physician emphasize prevention?

The best doctors will treat you as a whole person and work to prevent any further health issues rather than treating you like an illness. You should be able to discuss anything with your healthcare professional, from mental health conditions to dietary supplements. Make sure the doctor you choose isn’t just an expert at writing prescriptions for drugs because they’ve been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry. They ought to be knowledgeable about nutrition, or at the very least have a dietitian they can consult. Even though most doctors are trained to provide prevention, not all of them are interested in it.

A well-rounded practitioner should have at least two or three methods, including diet, exercise, and stress management, for preventing illness. Finding a doctor who “walks the walk” is another wise move. They maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen.


The doctor you choose will have a significant impact on both your present and future health. Your ability to recover from an illness, an accident, or surgery can greatly depend on the choice of your physician. The best one will be able to advise you on how to avoid health issues as well. Choose carefully!

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