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Why is urgent care access important in the fall season?

Urgent care services are a vital resource for patients that require affordable, immediate, and exceptional medical care. Without a nearby urgent care provider, patients are likely to miss out on important seasonal medical needs.

During the fall season, urgent care provides especially important services for patients. These services help protect against seasonal injuries and viruses, while also treating any sudden medical concern a patient might have. The good news for patients is that urgent care centers and walk-in clinics provide immediate access for patients, offer affordable rates, and help patients get the care they need ASAP!

Below are just a few seasonal health needs that urgent care centers can help patients out with!

Seasonal illnesses like the flu are treatable at urgent care!

If patients are likely to experience flu symptoms, or need to prevent the flu, then it may be time to get a flu shot at a nearby urgent care center! The flu shot is by far the most effective means for preventing the flu virus. This is because each year a new vaccine is manufactured to combat the latest strain of multiple influenza viruses. Without a flu shot, patients are likely to experience a variety of flu symptoms.

During the fall, urgent care centers make the flu shot as available as possible so that patients can build up immunity early on. If patients already have cold and flu symptoms, then an urgent care center can also provide symptom relief for patients as well. Symptoms such as headache, congestion, fever, nausea, and other physical ailments are all treatable at urgent care!

Seasonal sports injuries are also treatable at urgent care!

Sports injuries are likely to spike during the fall as more people participate in community athletic events, school sports, and a wide variety of fall-related activities! Whenever you experience a non life-threatening sports injury an urgent care center can provide treatment as you need it!

Injuries such as cuts, lacerations, sprains, bruises, and mild bone breaks are treatable at urgent care. This allows athletes to forgo an expensive and long wait time at an emergency room. Any seasonal athlete should instead get treated in a few minutes at urgent care.

Additionally, urgent care centers accept a wide variety of insurance carriers for payment and provide affordable self-pay options for patients as well.

Visit our Berkeley, CA urgent care center for seasonal needs

College students, families, and any other type of patient should visit our urgent care center in Berkeley, CA in order to get any seasonal care. Flu shots, seasonal illness treatment, and injury treatment are all available at our urgent care clinic.

In addition, we have a variety of primary care services, lab testing procedures, and immediate urgent care options for patients. Book an appointment online to learn more!