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How does a walk-in clinic help patients during the fall season?

Fall is a wonderful time of year, but many patients will need to get immediate medical care due to the sudden illnesses and injuries that happen during the fall. Flu shots, sport injury treatment, and other types of seasonal care are viewed by medical community during the fall than any other time of the year.

If you’re trying to decide where to receive the treatment that you need, these are all reasons that you should consider a walk-in clinic! 

Seasonal Illness Treatment and Prevention

Walk-in clinics are the easiest and most convenient way for most patients to get their seasonal flu shot this year! In addition, walk-in clinics and their respective urgent care centers provide patients with immediate illness treatment options.

Like at Instant Urgent Care, walk-in clinics offer same day appointments that allow even busy patients won’t have to wait too long in order to receive care. The medical providers working at a walk-in clinic also work with your insurance companies to help prevent sudden If you’ve waited too long to prevent an illness and are in need of treatment instead, we can help with that too!

From a stuffy nose to sinus pain, your local walk-in clinic will be able to diagnose and provide the medication you need to treat your condition. Even if the condition can’t be healed, we can help to make symptoms more manageable until you make a full recovery!

Cost-Effective Alternative to the Emergency Room

Walk-in clinics are the ideal alternative to the emergency room. An emergency room can lead to long wait times for most patients and cause a variety of other problems for time-strapped patients. Additionally, a walk-in clinic provides a fast and immediate alternative for a majority of patients.

That means even if you’re only here for a flu shot, you’ll still be seen in a reasonable amount of time! Walk-in clinics offer many of the same services as an emergency room at a fraction of the cost. 

Quick Treatment When Injury Strikes 

When a fall sports related injury strikes, you need quick treatment. Waiting too long for injury treatment can actually cause that injury to become worse or lead to other injuries.

At a walk-in clinic, patients can receive imaging tests, braces for injuries, and immediate pain relief for their sudden fall injuries!

Lab and STD Testing that is quickly available during busy medical seasons

Patients need to understand that a walk-in clinic also provides lab and STD testing at a convenient setting, even during a busy medical season like the fall/winter!

At a walk-in clinic, medical teams can administer blood tests to help diagnose a wide variety of medical conditions while also ensuring that patients get the absolute care they need. STD testing is also a service that is available to patients

If you’re in need of same-day treatment this fall season, it’s time to give your local walk-in clinic a try! If you have any questions or concerns about the treatment that’s offered, give us a call. We have eight urgent care centers located across the greater Santa Clara country and in other locations. If you need more information please contact your nearest Instant Urgent Care location!

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