What are the main urgent care services available for patients?

Urgent care is sometimes confused with emergency care. However, urgent care provides similar services but under different settings, circumstances, and medical needs for patients. Understanding the main types of medical services can help patients save time, money, and live a healthier life.

Emergency care, or ambulatory care, is the need for medical services to treat life-threatening medical emergencies only. If your life is in immediate danger, please go to your nearest emergency room for treatment. For anything else, urgent care is a great option for immediate care.

Whenever patients have immediate painful and harmful medical conditions, that are not a medical emergency, then urgent care is a great option. Urgent care services help patients treat immediate injuries and illnesses, but also provide diagnostic exams for patients as well.

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If you still need a list of details about general urgent care service, we encourage you to keep reading below!

Injury treatment is an important part or urgent care

One of the main needs for urgent care services is so that patients can get injury treatment for a variety of medical needs. For example, injury treatment such as healing and stabilizing cuts, bruises, broken bones, sprains, muscle pulls, and lacerations are a key part of urgent care.

Urgent care provides can help patients get prompt care through walk-in clinic access, so their injuries are treated as quickly as possible. A clinic setting allows providers to treat injuries ASAP!

STD Testing and blood tests are primary services offered by urgent care

STD testing and lab testing services at urgent care centers help patients determine and diagnose specific illnesses. Most people associated urgent care with injury treatment, but most centers provide private and discrete STD testing facilities. Any sexually active adult that needs a test fast can simply check in to a nearby urgent care center!

In addition, lab testing services are available at urgent care centers so patients can quickly diagnose their immediate medical conditions!

Flu shots are also available in convenient urgent care settings!

Flu shots are available at most urgent care centers so patients can quickly get vaccinated before the fall season. An urgent care clinic can help reduce the intensity of flu symptoms and also provide seasonal flu vaccines for patients!