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Walk-In Clinic 101: How do Local Walk-In Clinics Help with your Healthcare needs?

Walk-in clinics have very broad definitions and most patients aren’t aware that some local clinics are right in their neighborhood. But are walk-in clinics a viable alternative for some traditional medical facilities.

Many people confuse walk-in clinics with retail clinics, such as convenience and pharmacy store “MinuteClinics.” The main difference between the two is that retail clinics only provide acute medical services while walk-in clinics are more likely to provide comprehensive care. So what should patients looking for care around Santa Clara and the Bay Area know about walk-in clinics?

What medical services are available at walk-in clinics?

Walk-in clinics like the ones at any of our Instant Urgent Care locations are a high-convenience way for patients to get either primary or urgent care medical services. At a walk-in clinic, a patient doesn’t need an appointment to get medical care. Medical staff provide services on a first-come, first-serve basis at a walk-in clinic and usually help patients receive care in a few minutes.

Most walk-in clinics offer urgent care services such as injury treatment, STD testing, x-rays, DOT physicals, and flu shots for patients. Usually, patients can rely on walk-in clinics to get common or frequent healthcare services without relying on a long wait at a doctor’s office or a hospital.

A good portion of walk-in clinics, especially around the Bay Area, also provide primary care services for patients. This means that any patient who may need a routine physical, preventive care, blood pressure screenings, and similar primary care appointments can get services on a same-day visit.

In addition, the services provided at a walk-in clinic are more cost-effective and generally less expensive than similar types of facilities. An analysis of urgent care/walk-in clinic and emergency room costs suggest that patients only spend a fraction of the cost at urgent care centers for the same services at an ER.

I live in Santa Clara, CA. Where can I find a nearby walk-in clinic?

If you’re interested in convenient and affordable healthcare options at a walk-in clinic, and live in Santa Clara, then you have two local walk-in clinic options:

Instant Urgent Care operates a walk-in clinic, primary care, and urgent care center at 3466 El Camino Real right off of Route 82. Additionally, we have another Santa Clara location at 4949 Stevens Creek Boulevard in close proximity to Loma Lima and Calvert, CA.

No matter what types of urgent care, primary care, or acute services you require, Instant Urgent Care clinics in Santa Clara are here to help you. Explore both of our locations on the maps below and call ahead for any questions you may have!