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The Importance of Sport and Camp Physicals for your child

Summer is right around the corner, which means the deadline to enroll your child in sports or summer camp is fast approaching! Whenever your child decides to partake in summertime recreation they are going to need an updated sport or camp physical.

Updated recreational physicals are necessary to ensure that your child can participate in various activities, no matter what time of year it is. But sport and camp physicals also serve as critical information to ensure your child is safe and healthy during any physical activity. However, parents don’t immediately recognize the need for new sport and camp physicals for their children.

What should parents know about sport and camp physicals? How exactly do they protect their children and where can patients find local medical providers to administer updated physicals?

Sport and camp physicals help recreation staff keep your child safe!

By law, children are required to have an updated sport and camp physical before partaking in any recreational programs. These include, but are not limited to, school-sanctioned sports, summer camp, private athletic leagues, and similar activities. But parents should understand the place they have in protecting your child’s overall health.

When medical professionals administer a sport and camp physical they look to evaluate multiple health factors of your child. For example, a sport and camp physical takes into consideration your child’s height, weight, and key biometric statuses like blood pressure. These help doctors evaluate if your child is physically fit to participate in certain athletics.

Additionally, sport and camp physicals also evaluate the current or developing health conditions your child may have such as allergies, asthma, or similar chronic conditions. These pieces of information are important to ensure that any athletic or camp counselors know about current conditions. This information allows staff to protect your child throughout the summer!

So where are some convenient locations to find nearby urgent care?

Try visiting Instant Urgent Care for local sport and camp physical appointments

Instant Urgent Care offers locations in eight locations across the Bay Area so you can always get fast and affordable sport and camp physicals for your child!

All of our clinics are equipped with walk-in clinic access so you’ll never need an appointment. Walk-in patients are accepted on a first-in and first-out basis and can usually expect a short wait before any physicals. If you want to schedule an appointment in advance however, use the scheduling tool below to get an updated physical at your closest Instant Urgent Care!