Instant urgent care in Berkeley, CA

The Benefits and Convenience of Urgent Care: Berkeley, CA Edition

Urgent care centers and local walk-in clinics offer patients many healthcare advantages including lower costs, higher convenience, and more accessible medical services. What patients located in Berkeley, CA may not full understand is that there is an urgent care option available for them.

Patients in the immediate Berkeley area can visit Instant Urgent Care for medical services that are fast and available during most the the day. So what should patients know about their walk-in clinic options at Instant Urgent Care?

Patients can find local urgent care just 8 minutes from Downtown Berkeley

Anyone who is visiting Downtown Berkeley can always get medical care in just a few minutes at Instant Urgent Care. It takes approximately 8 minutes by car or 15 minutes by transit to visit our walk-in clinic.

Once you visit, you’ll be able to get urgent care services without the need for an appointment. That is because walk-in clinics allow patients to come in and get medical care on a first-come, first-serve basis. Just find us at 3095 Telegraph Ave whenever you need to visit.

Additionally, our location is fairly centralized so patients living in Elmwood, Claremont, Bushrod, and Rockridge can get urgent care whenever they need it!

Urgent care options around Berkeley are likely cheaper than other clinical alternatives

One of the key benefits of urgent care and walk-in clinics includes the cost-effective potential of urgent care centers.

Urgent care centers offer medical services of a fraction of the cost as an emergency room or hospital. These services include injury treatment, x-rays, STD testing, lab testing, flu shots, and DOT physicals. Whenever you’re in Berkeley and need to access medical services ASAP, make sure to consider local urgent care.

In addition, urgent care centers also accept most major insurance carriers in California so you only have to pay for the copay on most medical services. Why take the extra time and cost to go to the ER when an nearby walk-in clinic can deliver the same thing.

Patients in Berkeley receive urgent care services from expert clinic staff

Whenever patients near or around Berkeley need a fast walk-in clinic, they can still expect to get the best possible medical care around at Instant Urgent Care. This is because our center is staffed by board-certified physicians, urgent care personnel, and other medical professionals. Our medical teams ensure that you experience the best possible patient outcomes and get necessary treatment.

Why wait for medical services when Instant Urgent Care in Berkeley can provide you with affordable and fast care, whenever you need it!