summertime injuries to avoid

Summertime injuries to be mindful of in 2019

Summertime usually means vacations, outside fun, and beach trips for most people. While it is easy to get caught up in the summer fun, parents should remain vigilant to help curb common summertime injuries.

Just like other times of the year, summer comes with a specific set of safety and injury risks whenever you are camping, beaching, or frolicking outside. We’ve previously discussed basic safety and health prevention tips on this blog but wanted to provide additional tips to keep you safe!

So what types of injuries should you be mindful of this summer? How can you treat and prevent common injuries moving forward?

What are the most common summertime injuries?

Summertime comes with its own set of injury risks. The most common types of injuries to plan for or actively prevent include:

Grilling injuries: Thousands of individuals each year experience some form of grilling injuries including minor burns. If people aren’t careful they could suffer a burn whenever they’re grilling outside

When you’re grilling, make sure you have someone else on hand to help safely ignite a grill. Also limit the use of lighter fluid when using charcoal grills. In the event of a minor burn, seek urgent care immediately. For more serious burns call 9-1-1 and get emergency services ASAP.

Landscaping or lawn moving accidents: Landscaping workers usually have increased business during the warmer season, which means their rate of injuries also goes up. Defective lawn mowing equipment and similar yard work tools injure tens of thousands of people every year. Most landscaping injuries include cuts, bruises, abrasions, and lacerations.

Always check if your equipment is safe and durable whenever you’re doing yardwork and wear proper safety equipment, like gloves and protective eyewear, when applicable. For minor injuries go to your nearest urgent care center or walk-in clinic for injury triage.

Insect bites: Summer camping trips, beach trips, and other outdoor activities may lead to higher-than-normal instances of insect bites. During summer, insects including flies and mosquitos are more frequent and likely to cause itchy or painful bites.

To manage any insect bites, try to first use bug spray or repellent whenever you’re outside for prolonged periods of time. Additionally search for public health updates related to ticks, flies, and mosquitoes in your area.

Sunburn and sun-related injuries: Prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to skin damage and even some forms of melanoma if you’re not careful. Always make sure you have sunscreen on your persons at all times, stay hydrated, and limit direct sun exposure!