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How to prevent injuries during the fall season

Injuries happen all the time throughout the year, but are especially common during the fall season. Without the skills to actively prevent injuries a patient may be likely to need urgent care services in order to address immediate injuries. Even though urgent care can provide an immediate treatment option for most patients, it is important to understand the best ways to avoid sudden injury during the fall season.

Autumn can lead to a significant increase in sudden injuries since more children and adults are participating in sports, festive events, and other activities that increase their chances of a new injury. If you have questions about acute injuries, please don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Instant Urgent Care location!

Prevent sports injuries with stretching and on-field skills

Sports injuries spike during the fall as more children participate in strenuous sports activity such as football, volleyball, basketball, and other seasonal recreational events. Millions of children each year not only experience sports injuries but could also prevent a majority of said injuries. The best way for athletes of all ages to prevent injuries includes stretching before athletic events. Stretching allows an athlete to prevent injuries from cramps and improve flexibility that helps to reduce the chances of any other injuries. Most athletic trainers suggest that athletes need to train at least 10 minutes prior to their game or sport.

Other types of defensive and self-preservation skills are also important to reducing your chances of getting hurt on the field. For example, understanding how to make contact with another person in certain sports helps to significantly lower your chances of injury. Other skills like being able to fall and absorb contact appropriately can help to reduce to injuries as well.

Keep kitchen and food prep areas safe during the holidays

Kitchen preparation and food safety are key to ensuring that you don’t suddenly get injured during a festive meal! Lackadaisical preparation or safety skills can lead to a knife cut, burn, or a potentially worsened injury. Make sure that you stay alert, attentive, and focused whenever creating a big Thanksgiving or holiday meal for the family. When possible, get a few family members to help you out so you can provide the adequate attention to other types cooking needs!

Get urgent care and injury treatment in Dublin, CA!

Patients that try and maintain the most strict injury prevention may still experience a sudden injury or illness can simply visit our urgent care center and walk-in clinic in Dublin, CA! Instant Urgent Care’s newest location provides both primary and urgent care services so you can get injury treatment as soon as possible!