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Is it too late to get a flu shot this fall?

Flu shots are some of the most important preventive care services in order to remain healthy this year. Patients that either skip or forget their flu shot are likely to miss several weeks of school, work, or other commitments and leisure time to fight off debilitating symptoms.

Unlike a common cold, the flu can lead to serious fatigue, fever, nausea, sneezing, coughing, and congestion that lasts for multiple days or weeks. In rare cases the flu can even cause vulnerable patients to require emergency hospital care. However, both vulnerable and relatively healthy patients both can prevent the flu with a seasonal flu shot at a nearby clinic.

As October becomes November, patients may feel that it is too late to get a flu shot at this point in the season. It is important to understand that healthcare providers not only encourage flu shots at this time, but strongly recommend it to any patient that may still need a flu shot this year.

Flu shots are useful in late November/early December

Flu season usually peaks around the end of fall and the start of winter. Because general flu season patterns suggest that the flu spreads during that unique change in season, it is crucial to know that the flu shot is still an effective option for flu prevention!

Healthcare providers recommend that patients get their flu shots as soon as possible but that doesn’t exclude the month of November. In fact, most healthcare provides, urgent care centers, and nearby clinics will recommend to patients that the time to get an updated flu shot is whenever they can. A flu shot is still by far the most effective way to prevent the virus and getting it whenever possible greatly increases your chances of building seasonal flu immunity.

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Flu shots are some of the best ways to save time, money, and convenience this flu season. Regardless of the season it may be time for you to get your flu shot today!