Does My Current COVID Vaccine Protect Against the Omicron Variant?

The Omicron variant, the most recently discovered mutation of COVID-19, is transmitting around the world at an alarming rate. While it is expected for viruses to mutate, scientists are still working quickly to understand the new dangers that this variant could pose for the public. It is important for patients to take advantage of the vaccinations available to help slow the spread of the virus and protect vulnerable populations. 

Many patients are concerned whether their current COVID-19 vaccine will protect them against the Omicron variant. We examine the dangers of the Omicron variant and reveal how to protect yourself and family from contracting this serious illness.

Omicron Poses More Danger

Omicron has displayed similar trends of the variants, Alpha and Delta, spreading faster and causing more severe illness than its previous mutations. 

The biggest concern about Omicron is that this variant has accumulated over 50 mutations, 30 of which are in the spike protein of the virus. This is the part of the virus that the vaccine has taught our immune system to fight and protect our bodies from illness. 

Data derived from the lab and patient outcomes does suggest that patients who are vaccinated are at a reduced risk of severe illness. Those who get the booster shot, or 3rd vaccination, are significantly more protected than those who only get the first two doses. 

High-Risk Populations

Some patients are at a higher risk of suffering from serious illness if they contract COVID-19. These include patients with weakened immune systems, chronic health conditions, and elderly patients. 

Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect these high-risk populations from severe illness, hospitalization, and death. As more people get vaccinated we can develop herd immunity to protect all populations. 

Symptoms of COVID-19

Variants of the virus have continued to display similar symptoms, increasing in severity with each new variant that emerges.

Symptoms Include:

  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Trouble Breathing
  • Fever

The severity of these symptoms is specific to each case depending on the body’s ability to fight the infection. 

Vaccination Provides Best Protection

The winter months pose an increased risk of contracting COVID-19 because of time spent indoors. These close quarters result in more touched surfaces and contact with others in the home. Getting everyone in the home who is eligible to be vaccinated is the best way to protect everyone in the home. 

Stop in Urgent Care Today for COVID-19 Testing

Stop in at your local Urgent Care Center today for a fast COVID-19 test. This test can provide you same-day peace of mind and help you protect your family and those around you. 

You Should Get Tested for COVID-19:

  • Before Gatherings or Events
  • If Symptoms Are Present
  • Before and After Travel

Contact your local Urgent Care Center today for more information or stop in for testing. 

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