Can an Urgent Care Provider Set-Up Health Services for my Workplace?

When you think about your workplace, health services likely aren’t at the top of your mind. Enhancing the health services at your workplace has been proven to create a more productive work environment, boost employee morale, and lower the number of sick days taken each year! If you like the idea of health services in the workplace but aren’t sure where to start, an urgent care center is the perfect solution.

COVID-19 Services 

A big concern for employers in 2021 is covid-19 safety. Hiring an urgent care center can provide someone to take temperature checks and ask covid-19 screening questions before anyone enters the workplace. Employees can even receive training on how to properly wear a face mask for the best protection. If there’s concern that an employee has covid-19, the urgent care center can preform testing that offers same-day results. Having a professional available to screen and test for covid-19 in the workplace is the best way to prevent a widespread outbreak among employees.

Workplace Flu Vaccines and Physicals 

An urgent care center can provide services unrelated to covid-19 too! Flu vaccines are over 80% effective at preventing the flu. Urgent care centers often offer vaccination clinics right in the workplace. Your employees can get their flu shot on their lunch break without going out of their way or book online appointment! When you give people a convenient option, they’re more likely to get vaccinated. Some workplaces even offer an incentive to employees who decide to get vaccinated at a workplace vaccination clinic. 

Physicals can be performed at an urgent care center too. Physicals are important to determine if someone is physically healthy enough to perform their job duties. A physical provides a baseline to look back on if a workplace injury takes place. If a worker’s compensation claim needs to be filed, having a recent physical makes it easier to identify what’s a result of the workplace injury and what isn’t. This protects the employer from paying more than they need to.

Why Trust an Urgent Care with My Workplace Healthcare Needs? 

Hiring someone to provide healthcare services in the workplace is a big decision. Urgent care centers are just as equipped, trained, and educated on the healthcare needs of your employees as the emergency room staff are. Urgent care staff members are filling a major gap in the American healthcare system by offering essential services at a low cost, on a flexible schedule. Why not share that accessible healthcare in the workplace?! 

Contact a nearby urgent care center today to learn more about healthcare services in the workplace. Don’t be afraid to ask questions so you can determine what healthcare services will be the most beneficial for the employees in your workplace!

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