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Where Can I Get My Flu Shot in Dublin, CA?

Patients this fall season are going to need updated flu shots in order to have a happy, healthy, and safe fall season. However, patients located in Dublin, CA may not realize that there is a viable option to get a flu shot immediately!

A lot of adult patients may forget to get their annual flu shot, which can greatly increase the risk of a flu infection. Without a flu vaccine, your chances of getting the flu increase exponentially since your body can’t physically produce the immunity to fight off the infection. Each year, a patient needs a new vaccine because the virus adapts. Since the flu virus adapts, medical manufacturers and providers try to provide a new vaccine ASAP.

Some patients may simply not have a nearby urgent care center, walk-in clinic, or similar medical provider to provide a flu shot. People have busy schedules which may lead to them forgetting to get the flu shot during the new flu season. Patients may outright skip the vaccine because they simply don’t have the time or budget to plan for their flu shot.

The good news for patients in Dublin, CA is that Instant Urgent Care now offers flu shots for patients! Visiting our urgent care center in Dublin provides an immediate flu shot and urgent care option for patients in nearby communities as well. Instead of driving for several minutes, and waiting for a medical provider or office, simply schedule an appointment with Instant Urgent Care!

If you’re looking for directions from surrounding communities, please keep reading to see how you can find us!

Instant Urgent Care Dublin is an 11 minute drive from Tassajara, CA

Families that live in Tassajara, CA can get to our newest Dublin location in a short 11 minute drive!

Simply take Finley Road toward Camino Tassajara and then take a left to continue onto Camino Tassajara. Then simply head towards Tassajara Road and pass Peet’s Coffee on the right. Our newest urgent care center will be on the left where you can get your flu shot ASAP!

Instant Urgent Care Dublin is only 12 minutes from Pleasanton!

Anyone that resides near or around Pleasanton can get their flu shot at our Dublin urgent care center in a simple 12 minute drive! If you’re coming from Pleasnton, just follow these simple directions:

  • Head Northwest onto California Ave towards Washington Street
  • Drive from Valley Ave and Santa Rita Road towards to Dublin, CA
  • Instant Urgent Care Dublin will be right there!

If you need more information about our urgent care location, we encourage you to call us directly or to visit us as a walk-in patient! Find our new urgent care and get your flu shot today:

4400 Tassajara Road Suite C
Dublin, CA  94568
(925) 415-6004