How To Prevent A Viral Infection

Viruses and other seasonal illnesses are more likely to spread during the winter season as more and more individuals stay indoors for longer duration. Local communities and families need to especially be wary of viruses since they are more likely to spread as cold and flu season extend through the winter.

Thankfully, viruses are preventable and it can be easy to manage symptoms with the help of local urgent care providers that can administer treatment quickly. Even as viruses begin to spread in local communities a patient can use some simple, yet effective, precautionary measures to avoid a sudden seasonal illness. So what are some of the ways you can prevent an infection? Below, the Instant Urgent Care team has broken down the steps necessary to preventing viruses this winter:

Follow public news updates about viral infections

Local news outlets and healthcare organizations frequently report on viruses that may be spreading in your town or community. Make sure to follow these updates on TV, social media, and other outlets to see if you could be at risk for an infection. The first sign of an initial virus spike can provide patients enough time to get preventive care services at their local healthcare provider.

Make sure that you also listen to accredited sources and organizations about community health updates. Sometimes, misinformation about health and wellness may cause patients to forgo certain procedures and ignore warnings about factual health information. If you need any specific information try the CDC and WHO for accessible and detailed information.

Maintain proper hygiene in public and at home

Proper hygiene is the key to ensuring that a common virus, like influenza, doesn’t lead to symptoms or a full-blown infection. Wash your hands frequently throughout the day to prevent the spread of germs that can cause an infection. Hand-washing is the most simple and effective means for preventing a viral infection.

Personal hygiene skills that keep viruses at bay include frequently cleaning your household, avoiding public spaces during flu season, avoiding contact with ill patients, and general grooming. Viruses can also come from food-borne sources if patient’s don’t prepare their foods correctly or eat lesser-than-ideal quality foods. Make sure you also cook your food thoroughly and disinfect your kitchen surfaces after meals.

Get treatment for viruses in Dublin, CA

Most patients will have to deal with viruses and symptoms since there is no way to actively stop a viral infection each year. When you do get sick make sure that you visit our Instant Urgent Care Dublin location  other or have this Online Appointment Booking Service from us.

Our providers can administer treatment and guide other medical services to address the direct cause of your symptoms. Additionally, flu shots are available to help prevent strains of the influenza virus while providers can also guide patients towards virus prevention!