How Urgent Care Can Help with Your New Year’s Resolutions!

This year, many patients across the country are trying to improve themselves and their overall health through New Year’s Resolutions! Ambitious wellness goals like improving your health, losing weight, and getting more exercise can be hard to achieve without the proper type of clinical support!

Nearly 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February, according to Psychology Today! Usually, the result is from a slew of patients not having the structure, support, and necessary help to accomplish these goals. Making drastic lifestyle changes is hard for most patients, but thankfully an urgent care center can help with these goals?

Primary and urgent care providers work within a nearby urgent care center to help patients get the help they need ASAP to complete their New Year’s Resolutions!

Weight Loss Management is available at urgent care!

Did you know that local walk-in clinics and their respective urgent care centers can help patients lose weight with clinical weight loss management programs? An urgent care team staffs clinical nutritional and weight loss specialists to help you lose weight and eat healthier foods.

A nutritionist or wellness specialist has the skills needed to provide evidence-based solutions to ensure that you have the tools needed to improve exercise, maintain a diet or meal plan, and actively grow your healthy lifestyle changes. Without clinical help it can become increasingly difficult to build new health habits and ensure that you accomplish those health-related goals!

Screenings help to manage any potential health issues

Staying on top of your health-related New Year’s resolutions is easier when you visit an urgent care provider for wellness screenings and other follow-up appointments!

A wellness screening can measure key healthcare characteristics including height, weight, vision, vaccination history, current diseases, cholesterol, blood pressure, and other helpful health measures. These measures can accurately determine if your wellness plan or activities are actively improving your overall health. Providers may also suggest new specialists or healthcare options to improve these measures that impact long-term determinants of your health!

Screenings under most private and public health plan carriers are very affordable and usually cost no more than a single co-pay for your visit. Take advantage of your benefits and accessible screening options at urgent care!

Find local urgent care centers for critical healthcare appointments

A local urgent care center can also provide primary and urgent care services to keep up with other important healthcare needs that correlate to overall wellness. For example, our urgent care center in Dublin, CA provides primary care checkups, screenings, weight management, injury treatment, x-rays, and lab testing to ensure that you are on top of your New Year’s goals and wellness accomplishments!