How Late Does Flu Season Go?

Now that winter is coming right now, you may think the flu season isn’t a threat, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Misconceptions about the flu, flu season and flu vaccine are spread each year. Believing these misconceptions is almost as dangerous as spreading them! We want to help set the record straight and educate you on the facts about the flu season. 

When is Peak Flu Season? 

Peak flu season is typically somewhere between December and February. The highest peak of peak season differs a little each year, though, and changes depending on where you live. It’s important to know that the flu can peak again at any time, even after “peak season” has passed. Past years have seen peaks as late as the end of March! 

Is the Flu Shot Still Effective? 

Even though most states and local communities are already in the middle of the peak flu season, it isn’t too late for patients to get a flu shot. 

Experts recommend getting your flu shot during the fall for optimum protecting, but if you never got around to getting vaccinated, now is the time! Getting your flu shot during the winter can even be beneficial because you’ll be protected beyond the end of peak flu season. This is ideal since we know that the flu can spike again at any time. In fact, some people who receive their flu shot early may even be advised to get another one during the winter months to extend their period of protection! 

Getting your flu shot reduces your risk of getting the flu by up to 80%. With numbers that good, getting vaccinated should be a natural choice! Your insurance company will pay for a flu shot in full, and if you don’t have insurance, urgent care centers offer the flu shot at a low out of pocket cost. 

Where to Get Treated

Your local urgent care center can provide you with your flu shot or, if you’ve already gotten the flu, offer treatment to manage your symptoms. 

Urgent care is the best place to seek treatment because you’ll get what you need as soon as you need it. Waiting to visit a family doctor for a flu shot may mean waiting too long! Visiting an emergency room for flu symptom treatment often means hours of waiting, and all of that time, you’re putting others at risk. 

Instead, you need help preventing the flu or treating it; we’re here to help! Visit our local urgent care center today to speak with one of our experienced staff members and get back on the road to a happy and healthy you.