How to Treat Sinus Pain and Prevent it

Sinus pain is something we’ve all experienced at least once in our life. Once you’ve experienced any form of sinus pain, you’ll know how miserable it is. Living with sinus pain isan’t fun, but typically, it doesn’t last forever! To speed up symptom relief, try self-managing your sinus pain will make the experience a little more tolerable. Check out these tips to help prevent and manage sinus pain at home! 

What Causes Sinus Pain? 

Sinus pain is typically caused by a cold or other viral infection. As your nose gets runny and congested, your sinuses become inflamed, which can lead to severe pain. The best way to prevent sinus pain is to prevent viral illnesses. Do this by washing your hands regularly, avoiding putting your hands on or near your face, and getting your flu shot each year. 

Home Treatment

When your preventative measures weren’t enough, and you find yourself suffering from sinus pain, take these steps to reduce it. 

  • Saline spray – purchase a saline nasal spray to help clear your nasal passages. Over-the-counter saline sprays are inexpensive, easy to use, and can be used up to 6 times a day for quick relief from congestion. 
  • Make the air moist – utilize a humidifier beside your bed when you sleep to prevent dry sinuses. If you don’t have a humidifier, sit in the bathroom while the shower runs with hot water. 
  • Warm washcloth – take a warm washcloth and lay it across your sinuses. This will help reduce swelling and offer some quick, but temporary, relief from the pain. 
  • Use over the counter medication – you can use two types of over the counter medications to relieve sinus pain. First, a decongestant will help with the inflammation causing the pain. Then, a pain reliever like Tylenol will relieve the pain you’re experiencing. 

Treatment at an Urgent Care

When sinus pain becomes too severe or lasts more than ten days, it’s time to seek professional treatment. Your local urgent care center can provide treatment to your sinus pain when you need it, and at a price, you can afford it. Provider teams will walk you through the causes of your symptoms, what home treatments you’ve tried, and take a look at your sinuses. You may be suffering from a sinus infection, which will require antibiotics that urgent care can prescribe. 

Sinus pain is a miserable thing, but it shouldn’t be a constant interruption in your life! If you’ve been suffering for more than ten days or have a chronic battle with sinus pain, visit your local urgent care today.