How Important is the Flu Shot for Kids

Parents try to do everything they can to protect their child from harm and illness, and this flu season that means getting them a flu shot! Flu season is in full swing, but that doesn’t say it’s too late to get your child vaccinated. Flu vaccines are a quick and easy way to protect your child from an illness that could cause them to be hospitalized. If your child hasn’t been vaccinated yet, take a look at some of these facts about the flu before it’s too late.

The Vaccination Changes Each Year

If your child received a flu vaccine last year, they aren’t protected against the flu this year. Each year your child needs to accept an updated version of the flu vaccine to best defend against the strain of flu that’s going around currently.

It Doesn’t Have to Be A Shot

Your child may try to resist getting the flu vaccine if they don’t like needles, but that’s no excuse not to vaccinate! There’s a nasal spray version of the flu shot available to most patients that protects just as well as the traditional shot without the pain of needles.

Getting Your Child Vaccinated Protects Those Around Them

You likely want to get your child vaccinated to protect them, but did you know you’ll actually be protecting everyone around them too? That includes yourself! Children in school are exposed to so many germs on a daily basis, especially during flu season. By vaccinating your child, you’re protecting their teachers, peers, and your entire household.

It Could Save Their Life

Most people associate the flu with just not feeling well, but it can be much more severe than that. High fevers and dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea lead to many hospitalizations each year. In extreme circumstances, those hospitalizations end in death. Getting your child vaccinated could literally be the difference between life and death for them this winter, what parent would want to risk that?

There’s No Reason Not To!

The questions you should ask yourself isn’t why you should get your child vaccinated, but rather why you shouldn’t. The answer is quite simple – there’s no reason not to! Flu shots can be painless, they’re covered by insurance providers, they have the potential to save your child’s life, and there are no adverse side effects! A quick trip to your child’s pediatrician is all it takes to protect your child this flu season, why wouldn’t you want to do that?