New Year, New You, New Health: A guide to improving your overall health for next year!

2019 is just around the corner and now is a better time than any to start planning your health-related new year resolutions! Personal health goals including wellness, weight loss, eating healthy, and exercise are some of the most common new year resolutions among the American population.

However, it can be daunting both physically and emotionally to make drastic lifestyle and wellness changes that interrupt current routines. Luckily, there are many healthcare planning tips to make next year your healthiest to date!

Addressing any chronic diseases you may have throughout the year

The CDC estimates that six out of ten Americans have at least one chronic disease that can be prevented by improving healthy behaviors. If you have a chronic disease, make sure you manage it throughout the year by scheduling appointments for chronic care for needed screenings tests, and specialist referrals.

Preventing chronic disease also requires cutting back on certain behaviors like alcohol consumption and smoking. Chronic disease prevention also involves improving healthy eating and exercise. The following step can help you address important healthcare behaviors:

Join a wellness/healthy lifestyle program through work or a community organization  

Wellness programs offered through gyms, local organizations, or employers can provide a variety of resources to help improve your overall health. Wellness programs usually focus on addressing the root of poor health such as low fitness level, poor diet, and limited healthcare access. 

Wellness programs are designed to reward participants that show improved health or increased healthy behaviors via financial incentives, discounted gym memberships, or similar rewards. Joining a wellness program may be fairly easy if you work full time.

A significant majority of large employers provide some form of wellness programming. Gyms and community centers may also offer wellness programming to increase social engagement and interactivity.

Ultimately, a wellness program can help you identify ways to successfully lose weight and improve lifestyle factors that impact your health.

Plan out screenings, checkups, and medical appointments for the upcoming year

The most critical component of meeting your health-related new year resolutions is to plan for any upcoming preventive care services for next year.

It is not uncommon to skip or avoid annual checkups, flu shots, chronic disease screenings, and similar appointments because of important commitments. Make sure to talk to your employer, family, and friends to schedule out medical appointments in advance.

Consulting with urgent care experts can help make fitting in medical visits easy and convenient for your schedule. Urgent care providers may also recommend specialists, such as nutritionists and dieticians, to assist your new year’s goals.

Kick off your New Year’s goals before the ball drops by contacting your nearest Instant Urgent Care facility!