Healthy Habits to Prevent the Flu

The flu comes around each year and affects millions of Americans. Thankfully, the flu is easily preventable with the right habits and healthcare treatment. You should utilize these habits yourself and teach your family to do the same! According the CDC, these are some of the best ways to prevent the flu each year. 

Get Vaccinated 

The most effective and easiest way to prevent the flu is by getting your flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is over 80% effective at preventing the flu and is available to anyone over 6 months of age. There are even special versions of the vaccine for those with allergies, pregnant women, and people over 65 years of age. The flu vaccine comes with little to no side effects and is covered under most major insurance plans, so it comes at no cost to you! If you do get the flu after getting vaccinated, your symptoms will last for a shorter time period and be less severe, decreasing the need for medical intervention or hospitalization. 

Hand Hygiene 

Hand hygiene is encouraged all year round, but flu season is a good time to focus on it a little extra! Practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands multiple times each day. Each hand-washing session should last as long as it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice over. You can wash with warm or cool water and an antibacterial soap. Remember to wash between your fingers and over the top of your hands, not just your palms. Once you’re done washing, dry your hands completely using paper towels or an air dryer. Practice handwashing with your children to ensure they know how to do it properly and understand how long they should do it for. 

Keep Your Distance 

Social distancing is becoming the norm in 2020 thanks to covid-19, but flu season is just an extra reason to continue that health habit! Keep a 6-foot distance between you and anyone that doesn’t live in your household. If a 6-foot distance isn’t possible, utilize face masks to protect yourself. You should completely avoid anyone you suspect is sick and if you think you may be sick, do your part by staying home. 

Call a nearby urgent care center today to schedule an appointment for your flu vaccine or to get flu treatment. All of these healthy habits also help to lower your risk for covid-19, which is all the more reason to follow them!