Flu Shot Season Preparation for 2020

Flu season is officially here and it’s time to get prepared! The flu affects many Americans each year, but luckily, you can significantly lower your risk of contracting the flu with a simple vaccine. The earlier you prepare and protect yourself the better, but do you know where to start? 

When to Get Vaccinated

 It’s best to get your flu vaccine at least two weeks before peak flu season. The exact timing of peak flu season varies each year, so the earlier you get vaccinated the better! Flu shots become available at the end of August or beginning of September each year. That means you can get yours now! 

Where to Get Vaccinated

 Getting your flu shot should be a quick and easy experience. For a convenient location and a quick visit, visit an urgent care center near you. Urgent care centers are equipped with the same highly trained medical professionals as a hospital or doctors office, but you won’t spend hours in a waiting room. Urgent care centers can give flu shots on a walk-in basis, or you can schedule ahead online or by phone. Your flu shot at an urgent care center will be covered in full by most major insurance companies. If you don’t have insurance, an urgent care will be the best option for low out of pocket cost. 

The Importance of a Flu Shot in 2020

Getting a flu shot helps not just to protect yourself, but everyone else you’re around too. A flu vaccine lowers your risk of contracting and spreading the flu by over 80%! If you do get the flu after getting the vaccine, your symptoms will be milder and last for a shorter amount of time. That means less time spent away from work, school, and other responsibilities, and more time feeling like yourself! In 2020, there’s even more importance placed on each individual doing their part to lower the number of flu cases. The American healthcare system is already overwhelmed from the COVID-19 pandemic, and a rise in flu cases and flu related hospitalizations will stretch healthcare locations and employees to their limit. There isn’t a COVID-19 vaccine yet, but the flu vaccine is an easy way to ensure you don’t add to the already stressed healthcare system in your area.

For more information about getting your flu shot or to schedule an appointment, contact your local urgent care center today! A flu vaccine takes just minutes to get and has little to no side effects, so there’s no reason not to go!

Discuss any pre-existing medical conditions with the urgent care to ensure you get the right version of the flu shot to meet your needs.