Can People with Allergies Get A Flu Vaccine?

Allergy sufferers are used to being unable to do things the same way that non-allergy sufferers do. They have to ensure they don’t come in contact with something they’re allergic to and always be prepared to handle a reaction if they accidentally do. Unfortunately, those allergy concerns don’t go away even when it comes to medical needs. Getting a flu vaccine is something that everyone should do each flu season to reduce the number of cases and protect themselves, as well as the people they’re around, but are allergy sufferers able to safely get vaccinated? 

Recombinant Flu Vaccine 

The traditional flu vaccine is made using the flu virus along with multiple other ingredients. One of those ingredients that is a common allergy for people is chicken eggs. Over the years, the flu vaccine has been able to be altered to meet the needs of almost anyone, including allergy sufferers! The recombinant flu vaccine is a vaccine that helps prevent the flu but does not contain the actual flu vaccine or chicken eggs, making it safe for allergy sufferers. The recombinant flu vaccine is approved for use in anyone over 18 years of age. 

Getting Vaccinated 

Getting vaccinated as an allergy sufferer is just as easy as getting vaccinated without allergies! Visit your local urgent care center, inform them that you suffer from allergies, and they’ll give you the recombinant vaccine instead of the traditional egg-based vaccine. The vaccination comes in the form of a shot and the entire process will be over very quickly. Little to no side effects are reported with the recombinant vaccine. The most common side effects include tenderness at the injection site, headache, and muscle aches. All side effects are temporary and won’t impair your day-to-day life. 

Making the choice to get vaccinated not only protects you against the flu, but it lowers your risk of giving the flu to a friend, family member, or coworker. A flu vaccine at an urgent care center is covered in full by most major insurance companies. Contact your local urgent care today to learn more about vaccine availability and current procedures amidst the covid-19 pandemic. There’s no reason to remain vulnerable to the flu just because you suffer from allergies! Encourage your friends and family members to visit the urgent care to receive their flu vaccine too. Anyone over 6 months of age is eligible for one version of the vaccine or another, so what are you waiting for?!