Can People with Allergies Get A Flu Vaccine?

Around this time of year, people begin to push their fitness goals to the backburner. With holidays approaching, it’s easy to say that you’ll wait for the New Year and start working on your fitness then, but why wait? Fall is the best time to start improving your fitness! Let’s take a look at just a few of the reasons why waiting until January is so last year. 

Benefits of Starting Your Fitness Journey in the Fall

The fall is a great time to start working on your fitness without getting discouraged. The weather is not too hot and not too cold, but just right for a nice outdoor workout! Improving your fitness doesn’t have to mean hours spent at the gym. Instead, take advantage of the brisk weather and take a walk around your neighborhood. Take this as an opportunity to soak in the changing leaves and clear your mind. Improving your fitness not only helps you physically, but mentally as well. Developing good fitness habits this fall will help you become more equipped to deal with the stress of the holiday season in a healthy way! 

2020 is the Year to Make Healthy Changes

It’s no secret that 2020 has been stressful for everyone. This year has made a lot of people consider their own health, life, and what they may be taking for granted. Use the covid-19 craziness as motivation to become the best version of yourself! The pandemic has left most people with plenty of extra time to work on their fitness. Instead of scrolling through social media for another, get up and move! Your body and mind will thank you! 

Kickstarting Your Fitness

Getting started with a new lifestyle is the hardest part. A great way to kickstart your fitness journey is to evaluate your current health and determine how you could improve it. Stop in at your local urgent care for a full physical and speak with a healthcare professional about your fitness goals. This is a great way to set a starting point based on more than just your weight. Improving your fitness will also help maintain a healthy blood pressure, heart rate, boost your immune system, and so much more! 

Contact your local urgent care today to learn more about their availability for physical exams. While you’re there, ask about getting vaccinated for the 2020 flu season!