child is treated for knee injury at urgent care

Why treating injuries is an important part of pediatric care

Getting healthcare for your child is usually the highest priority for parents that have younger children. Parents will do whatever it takes to ensure their child’s development is as healthy as possible.

An important part of making sure your child is developing healthily is injury treatment. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 9.2 million children in the United States are treated in emergency rooms for non-fatal, non-emergency injuries.

The reasons for treating injuries include managing acute and temporary pain, but injury treatment is an important part of your child’s pediatric care for the following reasons:

Pediatric trauma can be debitaling in youth and children that don’t have comprehensive care

Pediatric trauma is when a child experiences a significantly damaging physical, emotional, or mental health event that affects their overall well being. When it comes to physical trauma like a broken bone in younger children, or a significantly painful injury, a child may develop new fears or anxieties if they are not provided with comprehensive care.

Take your child to the appropriate medical provider when this happen: an urgent care center for painful but non-emergency injuries or an emergency room for significant life-threatening injuries. Addressing injuries as soon as possible allows you to coordinate care quicker and as effectively as possible for your child.

Inadequate follow-up treatment may lead to a worsened injury and other significant developmental concerns

Untreated injuries that don’t provide your child with a long-term treatment plan may lead to serious developmental issues down the line.

For example, a child that doesn’t have proper treatment for a broken bone may not be able to heal effectively and lead to growth problems. Other types of injuries such as cuts and lacerations could even lead to an infection if they are not treated with antibiotics.

No matter what type of injury your child has, parents need to consider that they may need immediate treatment in order to ensure they grow as healthy as possible. Parents should schedule follow up appointments with local medical providers if their child sustained high-profile injuries including head and neck injuries.

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