Which Age Groups Should Consider a Seasonal Flu Shot?

With flu season coming upon us, it is time to consider that patients will need a seasonal flu shot in order to protect against the influenza virus.

Each year, a new vaccine is manufactured in order to protect patients against a changing an adapted flu virus. Multiple types of influenza viruses (A and B) change in order to infect a greater number of hosts, which is a common trait of infectious diseases in general. The flu shot is able to improve a patient’s immunity to the flu virus by 50% as long as they get the most recent shot immediately.

However, the flu vaccine is the most effective if patients decide to get it as early as possible. The earlier a patient gets the vaccine, the better their chances of gaining immunity to the virus. A newly manufactured vaccine requires at least two weeks in order to help your body build immunity and develop antibodies to fight the new virus.

If you’re a patient, or a whole family, that needs flu shots the good news is that Instant Urgent Care walk-in clinics offer flu shots that provide vaccines via same-day appointments. Even patients with the busiest of schedules can get flu shots through walk-in care and appointments.

New parents may not be entirely sure about age groups that require flu shots. Some patients that are younger may actually qualify for a flu shot:

Any child over the age of six months should get a flu shot

Flu shots are recommended by the CDC because the flu virus can lead to significant health complications and risks in younger children. Always speak to a trusted medical provider about an annual flu shot schedule, flu prevention, and flu safety to avoid these health risks.

Children between the ages of six months and five years old may have intense symptoms and health problems if they contract the flu. These conditions include neurological damage, chronic lung disease, dehydration, and pneumonia. Children that also have chronic diseases like asthma and diabetes may have critical health effects if they also get a flu case.

Make sure you consult your medical provider to determine the best course and treatment plan for routine vaccinations. An annual flu vaccine may help your child stay flu free this year!

Adults and children should get their flu shots ASAP

Both adults and children alike will need to get their annual flu shot as soon as possible, in order to prepare for the upcoming flu season. For families in Dublin, CA, Instant Urgent Care Dublin provides same-day appointments for flu shots, flu treatment, and flu prevention for patients of all ages.

Don’t let flu season get the best of you this year: Get you flu shot today!