Urgent Care: Myths Vs. Facts

When a sudden illness or injury arises, seeing a doctor becomes a priority when home remedies don’t seem to work.  When your regular doctor is unavailable when you need treatment after hours or on the weekend, a visit to an urgent care center could be a better choice.  Misconceptions about urgent care centers might raise a few eyebrows about the quality of care you’ll receive. Here are a few common myths about urgent care.

Myth #1: Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Are the Same

Some people tend to lump emergency rooms and urgent care centers in the same category because both types of facilities can handle acute medical conditions.  However, urgent care centers are equipped to handle minor ailments that aren’t life-threatening.  Urgent care centers are fully equipped to handle non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses such as influenza (the flu), the common cold, strep throat, sprains and strains, and bruises.

Myth #2: Urgent Care Doesn’t Provide Quality Care

One major misconception about urgent care centers is that they don’t offer the same quality care like that of your primary care physician or a doctor at an emergency room.  Most urgent care centers are staffed with doctors, nurse practitioner, and physicians who have years of experience working in emergency medicine. When you visit an urgent care center, you can be rest assured that you will be seen by a doctor, nurse practitioner or a physician assistant.

Myth #3: Urgent Care is Expensive

Urgent care is a cost-effective alternative to a visit to the emergency room.  Before visiting an urgent care center, review your insurance policy to ensure your urgent care visit will be covered.  While you may be responsible for costs outside of your insurance policy, your cost for treatment will be far lower than what you would have paid for an ER visit.

Myth #4 Urgent Care Centers Don’t Take Appointments

Urgent care centers provide the convenience that you can walk in and receive treatment without an appointment.  While you can’t always prepare for an unexpected injury or illness, booking an appointment before your visit can speed your wait time and help you see a provider within a reasonable time frame.

Myth #5: An Urgent Care Doctor Won’t Understand Me As Well As My PCP

When it comes to having someone who understands your medical background and ongoing medical issues, it is always recommended to develop a relationship with a primary care physician and to see them regularly.  But when something comes up and your PCP is overbooked, a walk-in clinic might be able to serve your needs in the same way any family care practice could.

Urgent Care Treatment at Instant Urgent Care

At Instant Urgent Care, we provide treatment for a range of injuries and illnesses on walk-in basis for our patients.  We also have a convenient check-in online feature to secure your spot. Visit us at a location nearest to you!  We’re located in San Jose, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, and Sunnyvale.  For more information about the services we provide, please call to speak with one of our medical professionals at 408-687-4806.