Urgent Care in Berkeley, CA

What is Urgent Care? 

Urgent care by its most basic definition is the delivery of acute and ambulatory services for pressing medical needs. Urgent care is not an alternative to the emergency room but can provide immediate healthcare services for a variety of needs. 

Urgent care providers and related medical assistants strive to provide patients with comprehensive healthcare services for their immediate medical needs. Most urgent care visits are for acute medical needs such as injury treatment and lab testing. 

Urgent care is a great alternative to other medical facilities for patients that need quick, non-emergency services. Urgent care centers and walk-in clinics are staffed by board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners , and other physician assistants

Why do you need Urgent Care? 

The benefits of urgent care mainly include managing sudden injuries and other types immediate medical needs. 

A few urgent care benefits that we highlighted, which patients are likely to find extremely valuable, include: 

  • STD Testing 
  • Lab Testing 
  • Injury Treatment 
  • Preventive Care 
  • Physicals 
  • Occupational Medicine 
  • Sore Throat 
  • Seasonal Illness Treatment

Where can you get Urgent Care in Berkeley, CA? 

Patients located in Berkeley, CA thankfully don’t have to look far for an urgent care provider: they can come into Instant Urgent Care for any urgent care needs. 

At Instant Urgent Care, patients can visit us at 3095 Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, CA to our walk-in clinic for a variety of immediate care needs. Every patient gets fast, high-quality, and comprehensive medical services anytime they require urgent care. 

In addition, Instant Urgent Care accepts a variety of insurances and offers affordable rates to make primary care accessible for most patients. Any interested patients should call us directly at 510-495-0772 or use the buttons to get an available appointment. 

Every patient deserves the best primary care experience possible. At Instant Urgent Care, we strive to do just that.