Reasons to Get a Flu Shot

The flu shot is a vaccine people should receive each year to prevent the spread of influenza, but many people decide against receiving the vaccine each flu season. If you’re unsure why you need to get your flu shot or have concerns about it, we’re here to help. These are just a few of the many reasons why you should get your flu shot this year.

Protecting Yourself and Those Around You

Influenza becomes an epidemic nearly every single year because people choose not to vaccinate. To get a better understanding of how much a simple vaccine could protect yourself and those around you, let’s look at some statistics.:

  • Each year 200,000 people are hospitalized because of influenza
    People die each year from the flu.
  • The number is steadily decreasing, but anywhere from 3,000 to 49,000 people still die each year from flu-related causes.
  • You may not view the flu as a life or death thing, but it is for many people each year. Anyone over the age of 6 months old is eligible to receive a flu shot, including pregnant women. This means that if everyone who’s eligible got vaccinated, we could put an end to the epidemic. All insurance companies pay for flu shots with no copay, and if you don’t have health insurance, each county has their own free flu shot program each year.

There’s a Needle-free Option

Many people choose not to get the flu shot due to a fear of needles, but that shouldn’t be stopping you. Anyone aged 2-49 who isn’t pregnant can receive a nasal spray form of the flu shot that offers the same results without the fear of the needle. Many parents find this is an excellent alternative for younger children or for themselves if they have a fear of needles.

There’s No Risk

There are many misconceptions about the flu shot, but none of them are actually true! Many people fear they will get sick if they get the shot, but that isn’t the case. The majority of people have no side effects from the flu shot. Those who do suffer side effects complain of a runny nose and sore throat that lasts only 1-2 days. That means that with a quick trip to your doctor, a walk-in clinic, or pharmacy, you can receive a flu shot at little to no cost and protect yourself and those around you. There’s absolutely no risk or downside, so what’s holding you back?