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How to Get Stress-Free Lab Testing

Needing to get lab work or blood testing done is a daunting task. You have to go to the testing location, wait, and then face a hefty bill at the end. People often wonder if there’s a simpler way, so the good news is that Instant Urgent Care provides on-site lab testing at any of our seven urgent care locations. Taking the stress out of lab work and blood testing is as simple as a trip to your local urgent care. 

Get Faster Testing at an Urgent Care Center

Urgent care centers are designed to operate faster than a traditional hospital setting can. People are seen on a first come first serve basis with a total visit time that averages an hour or less. All you’ll have to do is check-in, get seen, and go on with the rest of your day! Urgent care centers are able to do much more than just blood work too. Stop in for a pregnancy test, STD screening, imaging, urine test, and more. It’s frustrating to wait for an appointment with your doctor to confirm a pregnancy or get an STD screening, but urgent care centers allow you to do it the same day you decide it’s time. 

For example, Instant Urgent Care provides lab testing on top of other urgent care services including x-rays and similar diagnostic exams!

Find Expert Care at an Urgent Care Center or Local Walk-In Clinic

The lab workers at an urgent care are highly qualified and trained to take the blood work or other lab samples you need done. If you have any concerns they can be answered throughout the process by the staff members. Visiting an urgent care for your lab testing doesn’t mean compromising on the quality of the care you receive. 

Lower Costs at Urgent Care Compared to Hospital Lab Tests

Urgent care centers come with a lower price tag than a traditional lab setting. You’ll be able to get the same testing done, without breaking the bank! Urgent care centers are able to accept most major insurance companies too, which will help lower your cost even more.

Multiple Convenient Locations in the Bay Area

Your local urgent care center is probably even closer than you realize. In recent years they’ve started popping up everywhere! Visiting a traditional lab testing location often requires a trip out of your way, but urgent cares are the answer. you can find one close to your home, work, or wherever else you may be! Just stop in when you have time, get the blood drawn or other samples taken, and get back to your routine without interruption.