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Diabetes Lifestyle Choices to help stay healthy

Diabetes is linked to many chronic diseases in the U.S and can inhibit one’s ability to live a normal life. However, diabetes is easily manageable with a few key lifestyle changes and healthy behaviors.

Diabetes affects nearly 29 million people while almost 96 million have prediabetes, which is when a person has an extremely elevated risk for developing either type I or II diabetes.

So how can patients manage their conditions and limit the effect of diabetes on their daily life? Prevention is a great start and can help manage prediabetes as well.

Eat healthier and exercise more

A healthier diet with daily servings of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meat can help patients lower their risks.

In addition, maintaining a healthy diet allows diabetic patients to manage their blood pressure level with more ease and efficiency. Diabetic patients should also avoid unhealthy foods such as high-fat, fried, and high-sugar food products.

These types of unhealthy foods may increase your likelihood of getting diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol when compounded with the health effects of diabetes. A diabetic patient has higher chance of heart attack and contrary heart disease since it is much harder for these patients to break down blood sugar. This is because diabetic patients usually have a deficiency in insulin, which helps break down blood sugar.

Diabetic patients also benefit from incorporating a daily exercise routine to lower their risks of obesity, heart disease, and related conditions. Speak with a doctor, personal trainer, or a local recreational organization about ways you can steadily build an exercise routine.

Avoid unhealthy habits

People with diabetes and prediabetes also to maintain healthier habits in their daily lives to manage their increased health risks. These habits include maintaining daily exercise, healthier diets, and consulting your medical provider frequently.

However, diabetics should also avoid unhealthy habits such as frequent drug and alcohol use. Tobacco use can also increase a diabetic’s risk for developing a chronic disease. A diabetic patient that needs help quitting certain habits should seek out groups like Al-Anon and community support organizations.

Maintain good medication adherence

Anyone that is diabetic should also make sure they are using their insulin pumps and monitoring their blood glucose level accordingly.

Type I diabetics are unable to create insulin altogether while type II diabetics don’t have enough insulin to effectively break down sugar. In both cases, strong medication adherence (a fancy way of saying “using your pump as guided) is necessary. Not using your pump correctly can lead to more health risks and be extremely dangerous down the line.

If you have diabetes, then you know it is hard to maintain all of these factors and keep healthy. But living a normal life with diabetes is possible with the right lifestyle choices and medical intervention! Make sure you speak with your nearest medical provider to take control of your diabetes!