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Yanxia Li, FNP-C

Professional Statement

Meet Yanxia Li, a compassionate and dedicated Family Nurse Practitioner at Instant Urgent Care. Born and raised in China, Yanxia’s unique cultural background, coupled with her extensive medical education and experience, enriches her approach to patient care.

Yanxia Li’s journey in healthcare started in China, where she was born and raised. Her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others led her across the globe to the United States. She obtained her Bachelor’s in Nursing at Holy Names in Oakland, California, and later pursued advanced studies to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

In 2001, Yanxia embarked on her medical career at Yale University, where she found her passion for medicine. This experience ignited her interest even more and set the stage for a career focused on providing excellent patient care.

Yanxia bridges language gaps to ensure effective communication and understanding with her patients. Her ability to connect on a cultural level enhances the overall patient experience, fostering trust and mutual understanding. 

Outside of the clinic, Yanxia finds joy in an active lifestyle. Whether she’s hiking, exercising, or traveling, she embraces the outdoors and new experiences. Her love for music serves as a source of relaxation and inspiration.

Yanxia’s palate delights in the flavors of shrimp, a cuisine she finds both delicious and satisfying. For dessert, she indulges in the classic goodness of vanilla ice cream.

What Yanxia loves most about healthcare is the opportunity to connect with others. Her genuine compassion and commitment shine through as she helps patients navigate their treatment needs. Building relationships and expressing her passion for healing is at the core of her patient care philosophy.

Yanxia Li’s journey from China to the United States, her diverse education, and her commitment to compassionate patient care make her an invaluable member of the Instant Urgent Care team. Her ability to connect with patients on both a cultural and personal level sets the stage for a warm and supportive healthcare experience.

Qualifications and Experience:


Bachelor’s in Nursing at Holy Names in Oakland, California

Languages Spoken: 

English and Mandarin, 

Board Certifications:

California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN)

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Family Nurse Practitioner at Instant Urgent Care