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Robert Mena

robert mena

Physician Assistant

Professional Statement

Meet Robert Mena, a compassionate and dedicated Physician Assistant at Instant
Urgent Care, serving the vibrant community of San Fernando Valley, California. With a
strong connection to his roots and a personal passion for healthcare, Robert is
committed to providing exceptional care to those in his own neighborhood.
Born and raised in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Robert’s desire to make a
positive impact on his community has always been a driving force in his life. He remains
a resident of the area, fostering a deep connection with his neighbors and ensuring that
he can be a reliable healthcare resource close to home.

Robert’s educational journey began at the College of the Canyons Community College,

where he spent two years cultivating his academic foundation. He then pursued his
undergraduate degree at the prestigious University of California, San Diego (UCSD),
majoring in Neuroscience Physiology. This educational background laid the groundwork
for his exceptional understanding of the human body and its intricate workings. Robert’s
commitment to learning didn’t end there; he continued his education at Western
University in East LA, where he obtained his master’s degree as a Physician Assistant.

Beyond the clinic, Robert leads an active and well-rounded life. He has been practicing
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for a decade, which he initially discovered during his high school
wrestling days. His dedication to these martial arts speaks to his commitment to
discipline and self-improvement.

Robert also has a passion for cooking and enjoys preparing delicious meals. He values
his quality time with his beloved Yorkie, Winston, and they often embark on outdoor
adventures together.

When it comes to indulging his taste buds, Robert’s favorites include sushi for its
delightful flavors and variety, and chocolate peanut butter ice cream for its sweet and
comforting goodness.

Robert Mena’s genuine connection to his community, coupled with his comprehensive
medical knowledge and personal experience as a type 1 diabetic, make him a caring
and valuable asset to Instant Urgent Care. His warm, relatable demeanor and
unwavering commitment to providing high-quality healthcare ensure that his patients
receive the best care possible.

Robert’s expertise lies in primary care and urgent care, ensuring that his community has
access to essential medical services when they need it the most. His specialization in
helping those who are type 1 diabetic is particularly meaningful, as he shares this
condition himself. His personal experience with type 1 diabetes allows him to provide
relatable and supportive care to others who face the same challenges. Robert is deeply
dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with this condition and helping them lead
healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Qualifications and Experience:


Master’s degree at Western University in East LA

Languages Spoken: 

English and Spanish, 

Board Certifications:

Physician Assistant Board (PAB)

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Physician Assistant at Instant
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