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Select clinics open on Christmas Day and New Years Day (Including Eve)

WELCOME KAISER PATIENTS! We now accept Kaiser insurance for Covid tetsing and treamtment services.

WELCOME KAISER PATIENTS! We now accepts Kaiser insurance for Covid testing and treatment services.
Select clinics open on Christmas Day and New Years Day (Including Eve)

Renata Holliman

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Professional Statement

Meet Renata Holliman, a dedicated Family Nurse Practitioner at Instant Urgent Care, committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive healthcare services to her community. With a diverse background and a passion for serving others, Renata is a valuable member of our healthcare team.

Qualifications and Experience:

Renata hails from the stunning Alabama Gulf Coast, and her journey into the medical field began at the University of Mobile, Mobile, AL. There, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in Family Nurse Practitioner, laying the foundation for her career in healthcare. Renata’s calling to healthcare extends beyond borders. In the summer of 2001, she embarked on a mission to Nicaragua, where she selflessly provided care to those in need. This experience instilled in her a profound sense of purpose, which she carries with her in her everyday practice. Renata’s career as a healthcare professional started as a Travel Nurse in the emergency department in 1999. Over the course of 23 years, she honed her skills in emergency medicine, gaining a wealth of experience in handling critical situations and providing immediate care to patients in their most vulnerable moments. Her expertise in emergency medicine is complemented by her dedication to women’s and men’s health, making her a versatile practitioner with a broad scope of practice. Renata’s transition to Instant Urgent Care was driven by her desire to meet the healthcare needs of her community. As a resident of the area, she understands the unique challenges and healthcare requirements of her neighbors and is committed to providing the best care possible.

Languages Spoken: 

English ,  Spanish , Hindi , Urdu , Punjabi

Additional Informations:

Outside of the clinic, Renata has a zest for life. She enjoys traveling to new places, exploring the outdoors through hiking, and cherishing quality time with her family. Her active lifestyle includes going on runs to stay fit and healthy. Renata’s love for learning is evident in her devotion to podcasts, which allows her to continually expand her knowledge and gain insights from the minds of experts in various fields.

In a field where diversity is essential, Renata proudly represents a minority in the farming industry, breaking barriers and inspiring change.

Renata’s passion for southern cuisine shines through in her love for cooking. Her favorite dinner to prepare is Thanksgiving, a feast that symbolizes togetherness and gratitude, and a testament to her dedication to nurturing her community.


Renata Holliman’s commitment to healthcare, her diverse experiences, and her unwavering dedication to her community make her an exceptional Family Nurse Practitioner at Instant Urgent Care. Her warm and caring demeanor, coupled with her extensive knowledge, ensures that patients receive the highest level of care and support during their medical journey.