At-Home COVID-19 Testing

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At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kits

Instant Urgent Care offers at-home COVID-19 testing kits through our telemedicine platform. Simply schedule through our virtual visits platform to then coordinate your at-home COVID test. Below are instructions to help you get started once your test is shipped to your home: 

Accessible COVID-19 testing options:

Instant Urgent Care is addressing the COVID-19 crisis head on and ensuring that our communities have access to high-quality testing services. All Instant Urgent Care clinics and COVID-19 testing facilities serve major Bay Area cities, Santa Clara communities, and San Jose residents. 

COVID-19 Home Collection Kit Instructions:

Patients that have confirmed their at-home COVID-19 testing at Instant Urgent Care should have received an information card that provides a step-by-step process for at-home COVID testing.

We’ve also developed a reference guide below incase patients don’t have the card on them immediately. Each step will allow any patient with at-home testing kits to safely and correctly administer their COVID tests.  

Step 1.

Read through the instructions carefully before collecting your sample

To see an instructional video or report a missing item in the kit, please visit or just use the button below to get started:

Visit LabCorp Site

Step 2.

Your specimen must be shipped Mon-Fri and on the same day you collect it

Do not collect your specimen until you confirm pickup times of the drop box or confirmed your pick up time. Use the button below to view schedule times for FedEx dropboxes: 

Find FedEx Dropbox

Step 3.

Wash and dry hands before opening the kit

Open your kit and place all the contents on a clean and dry surface. This helps to avoid potential contamination. 

Step 4.

Take the swab out of its package

Do not touch the tip of the swab with your hands. This is to avoid any contamination.


Step 5.

Screw off the top of the collection tube

Hold swab in one hand and collection tube in the other hand, being careful not to spill the liquid. Do not drink the liquid. 

Step 6.

Insert the tip of the swab into one nostril

The swab does not need to be inserted far – insert just until the tip of the swab is no longer visible. Rotate the swab in a circle around the entire inside edge of your nostril three times. 

Step 7.

Take the swab out of your nostril

Using the same end of the swab in step #6, repeat the same swabbing technique in step six on your other nostril. 


Step 8.

Remove the swab from your nostril and place in the collection tube

The end of the swab that went into your nose should be placed into the tube first so that it sits down in the liquid. Screw the top of the collection tube back on.

Step 9.

Wash and dry hands thoroughly again

Insert the collection tube into the biohazard specimen bag. Seal the biohazard specimen bag. Fold the bag in half. 

Step 10.

Fill out the specimen confirmation form

Provide the date and time of your collection and completed the Personal Information section on the form.  

Step 11.

Place specimen bag & form in shipping box

Close lid on the shipping box, and place shipping box into FedEx return pack. Remove the adhesive cover strip and seal FedEx return pack closed. 

Step 12.

Return the postage-paid, pre-address FedEx Return pack to LabCorp

You can deliver it to a FedEx dropbox or schedule a pickup. It is important to remember that your specimen must be shipped Monday-Friday and on the same day you collected your box. 

Step 13.

Results will be available in you LabCorp Patient Account 1-2 after the specimen box arrives at the lab

If you don't have an account, then use the button below to create a new account on the LabCorp site to get started. Results will be available on the LabCorp portal ASAP.

Create LabCorp Account

COVID-19 Testing Services Overview:

Employer COVID-19 Testing Overview:

A Rapid COVID-19 test is the fastest test for detecting the presence of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Rapid COVID testing uses a swab like a standard diagnostic test. A swab is then analyzed in a lab to determine a positive or negative viral infection. 

Rapid tests can bring back patient results on the same day of testing and with high levels of accuracy. Employers can have their employees schedule rapid COVID-19 testing at any Instant Urgent Care location to quickly get their employees back on the job. 

Abbott Molecular Testing: The Industry Standard for Fast and Safe Employee COVID-19 Rapid Testing

Instant Urgent Care centers are now equipped with Abbott’s ID NOW Rapid Molecular test to provide the fastest and most reliable rapid testing results for patients. Abbott’s Molecular test has testing rates as accurate as 95% for patients and is the most widely researched testing method available. 

Employers can know with confidence that their employee’s tests are accurate, timely, and safe at any of our urgent care locations. Provider teams at Instant Urgent Care perform local COVID-19 testing for employees using CDC-protocols for safety and state-of-the-art lab equipment for timely results. 

Expert Urgent Care Professionals in Employer Health Services and COVID-19 Testing

Instant Urgent Care providers in Santa Clara, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Dublin, San Ramon, Fairfield, CA and other major California metropolitan are staffed with urgent care providers that put your immediate healthcare needs first and foremost. 

Our provider team continues to work bravely to provide efficient employer health services such as DOT physicals, urgent care treatment for injuries, COVID-19 testing, and return-to-work health programs. 

If you need to get your employees to an expert medical provider for safe and secure COVID-19 testing then please contact our team today!