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Amisha Oza

Professional Statement

Meet Amisha Oza, a dedicated Nurse Practitioner at Instant Urgent Care, bringing a wealth of expertise in family medicine. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Amisha’s journey in healthcare is marked by a passion for patient connection and a commitment to nurturing her patients.

Amisha’s academic journey began at Boston University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Her commitment to advancing her knowledge and skills led her to Regis University, where she not only obtained her Master’s degree but also pursued Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) schooling, showcasing her dedication to excellence in patient care.

In 2018, Amisha made the journey from the East Coast to California, bringing her diverse experiences and expertise to the Instant Urgent Care team. Her transition to the West Coast added another layer to her already rich and varied career.

In addition to her role as a Nurse Practitioner, Amisha serves as a part-time Nursing Professor at UniTek College, sharing her knowledge and passion for healthcare with the next generation of nurses. This commitment to education further emphasizes her dedication to the field.

Amisha Oza ability to connect with patients, especially by being bilingual in English and Spanish, coupled with her commitment to nurturing and educating, truly sets the stage for a warm and supportive healthcare experience.

Outside of the clinic, Amisha values quality time with her family, expressing her creativity through water coloring, and staying active by hitting the gym and being part of a soccer team. These pursuits reflect her commitment to a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

Amisha’s favorite food is pizza, enjoyed with a refreshing diet coke. For dessert, she indulges in the sweetness of strawberry-flavored ice cream.

Amisha specializes in family medicine and finds immense joy in the conversations she has with her patients. As a mother, she brings a unique perspective to her work, feeling a deeper connection to her patients and deriving enjoyment from the ability to nurture them through their healthcare journey.

Qualifications and Experience:


Master’s degree at Regis University

Languages Spoken: 

English and Spanish, 

Board Certifications:

California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN)

Additional Informations:



Nurse Practitioner at Instant Urgent Care