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Why Instant Urgent Care Staff Emphasize Seasonal Flu Shots!

In some parts of California the flu season can become delay. This is especially true in Southern California and the Bay Area where warmer climates make it harder for the flu virus to spread quickly within local communities. However, public health experts including your local Instant Urgent Care doctors strongly recommend getting your flu shot as soon as possible!

A flu shot allows your body to steadily build immunity from the virus and ensure that you can remain productive, happy, and safe during the winter! Even as the flu extends it’s reach into warmer parts of the state you’ll be safely protected from the latest strain of the virus!

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Per CBS SF Bay Area and Liz Delong, a physician assistant at Instant Urgent Care San Ramon, flu shots are becoming even more critical as the flu season begins earlier and becomes more and more viral with each year. Public health experts like Liz strongly recommend on getting your flu shot ASAP!

The California Department of Public Health says the winter flu season is off to its earliest start in 15 years.

Liz DeLong, a physician assistant at Instant Urgent Care in San Ramon, says don’t wait — the flu season has hit earlier than usual and the shot protects you and and those around you from getting sick. If you do contract the virus, you will likely experience fewer days of symptoms, which will also be less severe.

Besides getting immunized, you can also take other simple steps: Stay away from people who are sick, wash hands frequently with soap and warm water and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Doctors say it takes a couple of weeks after the vaccination for the body to build immunity so they say don’t delay getting that shot.

Source: CBS SF Bay Area

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The good news for patients is that Instant Urgent Care provides seasonal flu shots in eight convenient locations across the Bay Area, so you can schedule an appointment for a flu shot ASAP! In addition, our new San Ramon location also provides seasonal flu shot needs for patients that may need other urgent care services as well! If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

A preventive flu shot even in the earlier stages of winter is the best way to ensure you don’t get the latest flu virus! Stay up-to-date on any and all preventive care needs by contacting us; call, schedule and appointment, or learn more on our site!