man experiencing sinus pain

What should you do to address Sinus Pain?

Sinus pain can be extremely irritating and fatiguing if it is not properly treated.

Generally, sinus pain is when a person experiences headache-like soreness around the eyes, forehead, and cheeks for other reasons than a sinus infection. The main symptoms of sinus pain includes:

  • Pain or pressure in the cheeks and forehead
  • Worsened pain after bending forward or lying down
  • Stuffy nose
  • Fatigue
  • Aches around your upper teeth

Sinus pain is sometimes confused with migraines since both have extremely similar symptoms. However, sinus pain is onset by an upper respiratory infection, the common cold, or influenza.

What should a patient do to manage sinus pain and where can they go for treatment?

Prevention methods include avoiding sinus irritation triggers and similar situations

Preventing sinus pain is relatively simple with a few key preventive measures. Patients that have sinus can take the following steps to prevent any further irritation:

  • Reduce any foods that have increased your sinus pain. Additionally, you may have to limit caffeine and tobacco intake if you drink coffee or frequently smoke.
  • Regular aerobic exercise helps to open the sinuses and alleviate pressure
  • Get plenty of sleep, drink fluids, and make sure you’re well-rested  

In addition, patients that have a history of migraines may have a high risk of getting sinus pain-related headaches. If your sinus pain lasts for more than fifteen days or your pain dramatically worsens, then make sure you go to your nearest urgent care or primary provider for treatment.

Visit an urgent care center or primary care physician to address sinus pain

Local urgent care centers provide a fast and effective way for patients with sinus pain to receive treatment. Urgent care centers like one of our Instant Urgent Care locations can see patients on a walk-in basis and provide treatment whenever they need it.

Patients may also need to visit their primary care provider if they have a history of sinus pain and need a more in-depth evaluation of their treatment options.

Sinus pain shouldn’t keep you fatigued and irritable during the year. Make sure that you evaluate all of your preventive care options and coordinate treatment ASAP!

If you need fast, affordable, and immediate treatment for your sinus pain, make sure to visit one of our Instant Urgent Care locations. We’re conveniently located across the greater San Jose area for your urgent care needs!