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What is Preventive Care? How does it help me stay healthy?

Many patients may think that getting healthcare services is just going in to get an immediate treatment or annual checkup, but maintaining good overall health requires a series of preventive care visits that helps you stay healthy for a longer period of time.

The difference between primary care and preventive care is pretty simple: Primary care is the physician-led branch of preventive care that helps patients take care of themselves through the patient-provider relationship. However, there are other types of preventive care services that allow patients to utilize low-cost and efficient healthcare that helps keep themselves healthy!

What should I know about Preventive Care?

Preventive care is a wide range of medical services that help patients maintain overall health. Each service helps to detect and monitor current health status with biometric measurements. Provider teams then use these measures to help patients learn of chronic disease warnings, risks, dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, and referrals to other types of treatments if necessary.

One of the most common preventive care services includes a blood pressure screening, which helps patients measure their current blood pressure. Blood pressure can help patients determine if they are at risk for a significant health event such as a heart attack, stroke, or a similar type of chronic health event. Common preventive care services also include height and weight check, hearing tests, x-rays, blood tests, and lab diagnosis for diseases. All of these services help to ensure that doctors can identify your most pressing healthcare needs.

The main purpose of preventive care is to ensure that patients can avoid developing chronic diseases and help maintain health if they currently have a significant health problem. However, preventive care is also a resource to help patients get the care they need to improve good overall health. This may include recommendations on how healthy patients can continue stay healthy!

Get preventive care services in San Ramon, CA!

Instant Urgent Care in San Ramon provides walk-in clinic access for patients that may need a wide variety of nearby preventive care services.

Patients that live in communities including Danvile, Diablo, Pleasanton, and Livermore, CA can simply check-in online or visit our nearby urgent care center directly! We offer same-day appointments as well as walk-in clinic access for families and individuals of varying needs!

Preventive care allows patients to have peace of mind, ensure they are healthy, and allow them to enjoy their lives more fully! If you have any questions about preventive care services, we encourage you to reach out directly to our team!