What Is A Site Plan Control Agreement

Development plan control applies to all lands in the city, with the exception of the following types of development under by-laws 137 to 89: Zoning plan control is a form of planning control under the Planning Act that deals with reviewing the detailed design of a property to ensure that city standards and requirements, of the region and other authorities are respected. The process allows municipal employees to review and approve development details such as building location, charging and parking facilities, landscaping, grading and maintenance. Before you apply, you must determine whether an existing layer plan contract or obligation applies to your property. Such agreements may require that any new development be constructed and maintained in accordance with previously approved plans or set other conditions and should be exempt from ownership if it is to be replaced. As a condition of approval of the plans and drawings, the municipality may require the owner of the land to provide the facilities, easements and other matters specified in the Act by entering into a development plan agreement. The applicant submits a completed application to Development Services for the approval of the site plan and site plan agreement or for the amendment of an existing site plan agreement. Receipts and fees are required. The preliminary consultation will determine which plans and documents are required for the initial submission. The provision of additional information Approval of the site plan control is not mandatory, but may be requested by the city to allow an evaluation of a hardware application for the site plan control. The development plan review refers to the process by which municipalities approve development in accordance with the physical planning, built form and operational objectives set out in their official plan. Under section 41 of Ontario`s Planning Act, land use planning in communities is subject to control of the development plan.

This is to ensure that the development: is compatible with neighboring or neighboring plots; Have safe and easy access for pedestrians and vehicles; Have adequate landscaping, parking and maintenance; Meet specific quality and appearance standards; and be constructed and maintained in the manner in which the proposal was approved. The entire area of the City of Windsor is designated as a Site Plan Control Area by Charter 1-2004. The site plan review process takes into account the contributions of different departments and agencies when preparing a site plan approval agreement. .